Top 10 College Magazine Articles to Read Now That You’re in College

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You finally made it to college. You survived countless relatives asking what you want to do when you graduate high school. You turned in applications before their deadlines (most of them, anyway). Now you’re finally ready for all-nighters and finding friends you haven’t known since kindergarten. Stop reading those CM guides about what school you should go to, and start reading some that'll help you through your four years. 

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2. 11 Signs a Girl Likes You as More Than a Friend

Looking for the love of your life in college? Maybe she lives on your floor. Or he keeps winking at you as he walks into class. Decode whether all those late-night study sessions before your big calc test mean something—or not.

In the article:

  • Real college women spilling the signs that a girl likes you
  • What all of her texts mean
  • How to know if you’re in the friend zone
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