10 Clubs That Will Make Your Resume Flawless

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In college, time is money. No one wants to waste precious hours attending meetings for a student organization that in hindsight has zero benefits for a professional future. Sure, the parties are nice and the people are fun, but can you include “acquired friends and boozed” as resume skills? Don’t get me wrong—you can pretty much BS any club experience as a resume-worthy. But there are some clubs out there that are hands-down the best when it comes to turning any resume from dud to stud. Scope your campus high and low to sign up for these orgs. If you can’t find one, get ready to become its first campus president.

1. Intramural Sports

Transferable Title: Team Player 

If you were an active athlete in your high school years, then hitting up an intramural sports team is the way to get your fix. Whether you love soccer, basketball, tennis or swimming, you can team up with other students and emulate a real sports team. Non-athletic regular people are also welcome. Employers love a student who not only balances a rigorous academic schedule, but also collaborates with a group everyday to compete for something that he loves.

2. Design for America

Transferable Title: Problem Solver

Time to cut the crap and really get your feet wet in a field that interests you. Design for America combines university students with community members as they work on valuable projects to solve real societal problems. “I feel like lately employers look for people who are both great leaders and team players. Being in Design for America really helps shape a person to be that archetype because you’re working closely with people that you would otherwise never have even met on projects that really inspire social change and impact in your community,” said UC Davis junior Meziahc Cristobal.

3. Poetry Club

Transferable Title: Creative Writer

Get your Shakespeare on and polish up some awesome resume skills at the same time. If you thought that your love of creating and performing poetry in front of people would only get you as far as a College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) title, then you’re underestimating your talents. If you’re on the job hunt, employers are sure to fawn after your undeniable ability to create an entire poem about the use of a fork.

4. Magazines/Newspapers

Transferable Title: Deadline Crusher

You have a shit-ton of homework and your article for your school’s magazine is due by 6 p.m. You can either a) cry  b) put your big boy pants on and get ’er done or c) both A and B. C is definitely my reality. With a love for writing and an obligation of being a student, there is no bigger lesson learned than knowing how to finish assignments on time. Deadlines are the name of the game at college newspapers or magazines, and if you can’t cut it, then they cut you. Seems pretty harsh, but if you are able to do this well, you have a badass skill for your resume.

5. Entrepreneurship Club

Transferable Title: Public Speaker

What better way to perfect your public speaking skills than to collaborate on a product that you’re passionate about and verbally sell it to the general public? In the age of start-ups, colleges are bustling with students looking to get their ideas out to real people who’d be willing to support them. If traditional public speaking isn’t your strong suit, then speaking about your own start-up product or business is a great way to perfect the skill. “Entrepreneurship club brings business majors, leadership majors, engineers, artists and many other people together into a space where they can share knowledge and even possibly collaborate. Students not only learn about the facets of entrepreneurship and business, but they also learn essential teamwork skills, leadership skills and how to come up with unique solutions to problems, ” University of Delaware sophomore Mariano Di Gabriele said.

6. Academic Club

Transferable Title: Researcher

Psychology major? Sign up for the Psi Chi Honor Society. Environment Major? Sign up for the Environmental Management Club. Pretty much every discipline in your college has either a club or a program dedicated to helping  students expand their knowledge of the given field. If you’re looking to apply to the big G-school after undergrad, these clubs give you the experience you’re desperate for when it comes to research skills. Not to mention, whoever dedicates time outside of their class schedule to learn more about the field shows nothing but pure passion to future application-readers.

7. Cultural Club

Transferable Title: Activist

Being down for the cause shows that you’re willing to fight for whatever you believe in. Jobs love that. Join the Asian American Association or the Global Development Collaborative if you want to support your culture or ignite social change on campus. You’ll not only see changes within your community but also great additions to your resume.

8. College Mentors For Kids

Transferable Title: Supervisor

If you’re a natural-born leader and believe children are the future, then set your sights on College Mentors For Kids. Found on many big-name campuses like Northwestern University and University of Notre Dame, this program looks to connect college kids with younger students. With fun activities designed to encourage the pursuit of higher education, you’ll gain tons of resume-worthy experience leading and supervising.

9. Theater

Transferable Title: Chameleon

From designing the set and perfecting the music to acting in the show, there are countless slots to be filled in this creative extracurricular. With the hustle and bustle of working on a production, there also come many unexpected surprises. Actors can fall ill or props can break moments before curtain time. Theater forces you to be a chameleon as you work to put on the best show possible. Whether you plan on going into theater after college or just want to get involved, this club is great for showing that you are up for any challenge.

10. Relay For Life

Transferable Title: Helper 

Relay for Life is among the most popular philanthropic organizations that thrive on college campuses. This club uses the fight against cancer to push efforts to new heights when it comes to fundraising. Plus, Relay’s sense of community burns bright in everyone’s heart. This club is resume gold. With a hate for cancer and a love for helping others, you can sell yourself to any employer.

Erika is a senior Communication Studies major at the University of Michigan. She enjoys reading, photography and binge-watching A Different World on Netflix.

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