The Dinner Date

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You walk back to your dorm after a hectic day of classes, and after studying all week for your math test, you think you failed it.  In order to unwind, you log into your Facebook account, clicking immediately to dish out a violent status directed toward your math teacher. As you check your mini feed you realize that the gorgeous guy who sits in front of you in math class is now single. Your day was just made. Math test equals irrelevant.

In this day and age, going out on dates seems to be non-existent. Instead, we rely on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to give us the green light to making moves toward our next relationship. If you’ve joined the groups on Facebook like “I stare at my phone during awkward situations,” or even if you have heard of this group and have too much pride to join it, we have some tips that might help eliminate awkwardness, especially during the dinner date.



1.     Location: Instead of going to your regular restaurant, try something new! Coordinate this with your date, preferably through a phone call or in person. Try to avoid Facebook messaging the information. When you arrive at the restaurant, try something that you’ve never had before, as it helps to break the monotony of life and makes for interesting conversation.
2.      Questions: Simple questions like “What high school did you go to?” or “Do you have any siblings?” gives you ample opportunity to get to know the person you are on a date with. Just remember to speak slowly and to maintain eye contact.  “Lack of eye contact shows weakness and that you’re not confident in yourself,” says Ross Durham, a student at Howard County Community College. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  The whole point of going out is to get to know the person. Ask away!
3.     Humor: Humor is the “magic ingredient” when it comes to dates. Laughter calms the scene and relaxes the two people that are on the date, helping break the ice. Telling a joke or two wouldn’t hurt!
4.     You: Nobody likes a liar. “Don’t act like someone you’re not because if they get to know the person you’re not, that spells trouble,” says Durham. You should be proud of who you are, and express yourself with confidence.
5.     Relax: we know that going on dates is hard now-a-days, but just know that the person you’re with is just as anxious as you are. Remember that you should remain positive and everything will fall into place.



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