Top 10 Gifts for Your Hipster Girlfriend

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If your girlfriend a) only wears plaid shirts, b) listens to obscure indie rock bands, c) plays the ukulele or d) all of the above, then chances are you’re dating a hipster. While she may say, “Oh, I don’t want anything for my birthday – materialistic things just don’t appeal to me” we know she’s really trying to say, “You better get me a gift and it better be a good one.” Not to worry though because as usual CM has your back. We’ve crafted this list of must-haves for your girl.

Help your GF decorate the ultimate hipster dorm room with this tapestry:

sparkler tapestry

Sparkler Tapestry: $45

Check out these 10 gifts your hipster girlfriend will love.

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1.Record Player

This is an obvious one – if there’s one thing hipsters love it’s their vinyl records. AKA those things hanging on her wall that look like giant CDs. Might as well buy her this so she can actually put them to use. I know what you’re thinking, Weren’t iPods created so we wouldn’t have to use these things? Yes, but to your girlfriend nothing compares to the way music sounds on vinyl, so don’t argue with her and just buy it already.

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