10 Gift Ideas for Your Millennial Girlfriend

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Your girlfriend deserves to be spoiled every once in a while, right? She’s the one that makes sure you don’t miss your 8 a.m. class and the one that helps you home after an intense night out on the town, despite the fact that you’re probably a lot heavier than her. She’s your best friend and she’s a millennial, which probably means she’s hard to shop for sometimes. Look no further.

These 10 gifts ideas for millennial girlfriends will make for the perfect present.

1. The Gift of Music

Do you guys love listening to music together? There’s something about sharing a favorite song with your “person” that makes that song even better. “I’d want some sort of mix tape or a playlist as a present,” New York University junior Vivian Gisle said. How about taking it one step further and getting her a subscription for Amazon Music? With Amazon Prime, Amazon music only costs $7.99 a month. If you want to go all out, get her a cool speaker.

2. Nice, Cold, H2O

Staying hydrated will definitely always stay in style. All over Instagram, your girlfriend’s favorite fashion bloggers post pictures of their trendy and “aesthetically pleasing” water bottles. “I really like the bkr brand and Contigo water bottles. The colors are so pretty and I know that it’s a gift I would use everyday,” Florida International University junior Brittany Diaz said.

3. Let’s Get Physical

Millennial women are always on the move. Getting fit helps us stay healthy and conquer anything we come across in the day. “Since I’ve been working out a lot lately I would love to get Beats or a pair of cute headphones. I have a yoga mat and I bought myself new sneakers but that’s what I still need to make working out even more fun,” said FIU junior Gaby Batista. Splurge on your lady and get her Beats by Dr. Dre or these cute AF headphones. The choice is yours.

4. Kiss and Makeup

Thanks to beauty bloggers and the Kardashians, we’ve learned how to contour. We’re obsessed with makeup not because we want to keep up with society’s beauty standards, but because it’s fun and addicting. Not to mention, it helps show off who we are and what we choose to look like. ““I love getting makeup as a present. Ideally, though, I would want liquid lipsticks or an eye shadow palette,” UF junior Melissa Ubieta said. If you want to make it more meaningful, go the whole nine yards. Buy her a new brush set, a couple of lipsticks, maybe a popular eye shadow palette and don’t forget the highlight. That’ll sure keep that red-lipped smile on her face.

5. Marble and Pink Everything

Marble duvet cover to get you laid

Marble patterns and light pink tones are very popular on social media right now. “I’ve been really wanting a marble laptop case or phone case,” Florida State University junior Andrea Alessandrini said. From a phone case to a pair of sunglasses, marble or what’s known as “millennial pink” is something to look for in a present.

6. Pampering and Some R&R

As a college student and badass millennial chick, your girlfriend has so much on her plate. From going to class to club meetings and internship interviews, she needs time to relax and pamper herself. Why not give her a gift that keeps on giving? “I have a pink bath robe in my Amazon wish-list which is a gift that I would totally use while taking some time for myself,” Parson’s School of Design junior Emma Ortiz said. These gifts will show your girlfriend that you appreciate her and know that she needs to care for just herself every once in a while.

7. Keep it Profesh’

Your girlfriend’s killing it. In our current society, millennial women choose to trade in the baking apron to show off their inner #girlboss. Why not gift her some professional yet trendy gear? “I think the perfect gift would be a cute watch. I have interviews and meetings to get to and staying on time is really important to me,” University of Florida junior Monica Pacheco said. Amazon has a great selection of watches, portfolio and resume holders, planners and to-go coffee mugs for your busy, busy GF.

8. Drink, Drank, Drunk

Is your GF cranky before she has her morning coffee? Maybe she hates coffee altogether and considers herself a tea drinker. “When I study I always need something hot to keep me focused. I hate breaking my concentration just to go warm up or serve myself some more of my drink,” University of Miami junior Nicole Arguelles said. “I like this thing I found on Amazon that keeps mugs and drinks hot.It would be perfect to put on my desk and I’d love to get this as a present.”

9. Thanks for the Memories

Dude, your girlfriend loves you so much. She also loves her closest friends, which explains the pictures she has hung up in her room of you and everyone else she cares about. How about giving her a gift that helps her save new memories or treasure old ones? “I got a Polaroid camera as a present once and it’s my favorite gift that I’ve ever gotten. I’ve put up so many pictures in my room and I love it,” FIU junior Ali Cabeza said. So whether it’s a camera, a frame or a bunch of your favorite pictures of the both of you, we’ve got you covered.

10. A Journal for Her Thoughts

Millennial women don’t hesitate to say what they think or share their thoughts. And trust me, we have a whole bunch of them. “A cute journal is always a good idea to be able to write down your everyday thoughts, story ideas or memories to look back on,” UF sophomore Gabriella Carballo said. Buy your GF a set of pens, a journal and tell her to fill those pages up with her beautiful ideas and opinions.

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