10 Best Musical Festivals that Give Us Serious FOMO

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Looking to get your groove on? Adventure to a music festival ASAP. What makes these festivals so unique? Their diverse musical lineup, dope-ass location, delicious food and a crowd that will always get down with you. New Orleans, Tennessee and even California call your name to experience some of the most memorable events of your college career. Grab your tickets now. These epic festivals full of trap, drum and bass, rock and rap will definitely affect your college experience.

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Snag your tickets to these 10 music festivals that will give all of your friends FOMO.

1. Bonnaroo

Travel to the heart of Tennessee, AKA a patch of 700 acres to a place known as “The Farm.” “Bonnaroo is just the best place on Earth. As a college student, I had the opportunity to meet so many new people there while eating great food and enjoying music on a larger scale, all night long, because of all the room on The Farm,” said Florida State University senior Keri Ciancio. Bonnaroo’s lineup includes rap, alternative and EDM music. The variety of music creates an atmosphere full of friendly and new faces, so how can you say no to meeting cool ass people and dancing all night long?

2. Okeechobee

In the sunny state of Florida, Okeechobee music festival charms college students into experiencing some of the best nights of their life. “This festival has a big population of college students which is cool because everyone is so friendly. And, there are activities such as yoga or going on a ferris wheel. As a student, those are some of the best de-stressing activities I can think of,” said FSU senior Lauren Gibson. Okeechobee combines rap, EDM and rock into three nights of camping, so make sure to pack appropriately. Every March this festival fills up quickly with students as it’s the perfect festival for relaxation; you wouldn’t want to miss a class of yoga before rocking out to your favorite artist.

3. Coachella

Located in Indio, California, Coachella attracts crowds ranging from hipsters to celebrities to college students. Held every April, Coachella invites college students to attend the yearly festivities located in the middle of the Coachella Valley desert. “Coachella sets the quality for my summer. It’s like Disneyland there where I am transported into the middle of a desert and wear the craziest outfits, and as a college student, this festival ultimately lets me express myself freely,” said University of Southern California senior Jennifer Nuggen. Coachella stands out with their two weekend options of non-stop fun.

4. Lollapalooza

The Windy City hosts Lollapalooza music festival every summer. Students travel to Lollapalooza and enjoy four days of rap, EDM, alternative and rock music which usually calls for not only for an automatic crowd pleaser but a time to post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. “Lollapalooza happens during summertime in Chicago which is one of the best places to travel as a college student…and the greatest artists are honored to perform here, like Paul McCartney, in front of probably the biggest crowd they’ll ever play for,” said FSU senior Kenny Brda.

5. Ultra

Pitbull says it best when greeting visitors to his native city: “Welcome to Miami.” Ultra music festival, held every March at the famous Bayfront Park in Key Biscayne, Miami, serves as a festival that can’t be missed by anyone. “College students should go to Ultra because I think they have the best production out of any festival. Plus, you’re in Miami and everybody has to party in Miami at least once,” said FSU senior Danny Rojas. Composed of the most famous DJs in the world such as Martin Garrix, Skrillex and Steve Aoki, Ultra is a festival for music-gurus who have a passion for EDM. Students venture to Ultra for the scenic atmosphere, perfect weather and Miami vibes. Did I mention there are eight performing stages?

6. Firefly

No, there’s no connection between this event and the insect. But this camping festival does light up all night. Every year in Delaware, Firefly music festival offers a lineup mixed with rock, rap and EDM. College students love Firefly because it’s in the summer—AKA their time to relax. “Every college student should go to Firefly because first off, it’s held in the summer and the festival offers group camping which allows you to camp with all your friends. The bands at this festival are also very diversified and fit almost everyone’s needs,” said FSU senior Chase Schmeling. What more could you ask from a festival where you can camp with your friends and relax in the summer air? Pack sunscreen, a tent and camera because this festival will be one for the books.

7. Euphoria

Euphoria music festival definitely has college students feeling some type of way. A camping festival held in Austin, Texas every year, Euphoria attracts students from all across the United States for their unique electronic lineup. “Euphoria was unreal because of the vibe of Austin, and the people at Euphoria are so cool, open and down to have a good time. And, as a college student, I travel to a festival for all of those things,” said Boston College senior Jasper Themelis. As a transformational festival, Euphoria strives to enrich the audience through the music and friendly atmosphere.

8. HARD Summer

Looking to listen to dope music and experience glitz and glam? Head to Pomona, California and experience two back-to-back days of EDM and rap music. “At HARD Summer, the crowd is very L.A. which is cool because you’re chillin’ casually in the crowd next to famous DJs which I think is a dream as a student pursuing a career in the music industry,” said FSU senior Sara Levine. HARD Summer is the perfect festival for college students to dance their butts off while basking in the California sun. And, there’s definitely some magic in the air here for college students interested in meeting artists like Dillon Francis, Ice Cube and Major Lazer.

 9. Buku

New Orleans: the birthplace of jazz and Buku music festival. The city’s ethnic creole food and lively atmosphere are just a few reasons why students travel to Buku, held in March each year. The lineup, composed of EDM and rap, attracts a wide audience catering to music lover’s needs. “Traveling as a college student is one of my favorite things to do, and after each night that Buku festival ends, the city of New Orleans comes alive,” said University of North Florida senior Kyle Coughlin. As a college student, dancing to your fav DJ’s, eating crawfish and sightseeing on Bourbon Street will complete your to-do list at Buku festival.

10. Electric Forest

If you’re a college student that enjoys their fair share of EDM, Electric Forest is for you. Located in Michigan, this three to four night camping festival has a yearly lineup exceeding 100+ DJs. As a college student, money can be tight. Electric Forest makes it possible for students to afford this epic festival. “As a college student it’s awesome because Electric Forest has a payment layaway plan that lets you pay in increments,” said East Stroudsburg University senior Perry Smith. Once you finish off the payments, you can enjoy raving, chilling in hammocks or snacking on some delicious food vendors in the woods of the Electric Forest.

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Written by Lauren DellaRocco

11. EDC Las Vegas

College means turning 21 eventually, and what better way to celebrate your newfound freedom than at a music festival in Las Vegas? This unique festival plays all through the night with set times as late (or as early) as 4:30 a.m. Watch the sun rise in the distance as your favorite artist takes the stage. Join the Carnival Square where you play carnival games until the sun rises, and dance under the Electric Sky at any of the eight stages EDC offers each year. You won’t miss sleep once the bass drops.

When? May 18-20, 2018

Where? Clark, Nevada

12. Rolling Loud

If you prefer rap music to other genres, then write Rolling Loud on your list of destinations this summer. This year’s festival features J. Cole, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, Post Malone, Lil Wayne and too many more talented artists to name. “Finally there’s a festival centered around rap music. Most festivals only feature a few rappers, but the Rolling Loud lineup is always stacked. Plus, we get to travel to Miami when we go,” said FSU senior Luis Siam. Head to the beautiful city of Miami to satisfy your rap-loving soul and possibly catch Juicy J’s expensive gifts from the crowd. (Last year he threw $5,000 worth of jewelry and dollar bills out to his fans. No big deal.)

When? May 11-13, 2018

Where? Miami Gardens, Florida

13. Taste of Country Festival

Taste of Country offers an escape for country music lovers of the world. Located in the beautiful mountains of New York, this festival features universally-loved country artists like Sam Hunt, Eric Church and Florida Georgia Line this year. And who wouldn’t want to see Eric Church’s beauty in person? Taste of Country allows you to grab a beer and bring your cowboy boots to the city for a one-of-a-kind country experience.

When? June 8-10, 2018

Where? Hunter, New York

14. Austin City Limits

If getting to see Jay-Z, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chance the Rapper, The Killers and Ice Cube this year all in one weekend sounds amazing, then you need to pack up and head to Texas. Austin City Limits impresses anyone and everyone with such a diverse lineup each year. This festival gives you two weekends to choose from, or both weekends if you just can’t resist. And how could you resist with the city skyline behind the stages setting up the perfect scenery for an unforgettable weekend?

When? Weekend 1: October 5-7, 2018

             Weekend 2: October 12-14, 2018

Where? Austin, Texas

15. Burning Man

Attending Burning Man festival sits as number one on my bucket list, and you need to write it in on yours too. The creative art installations, the culture, the community and the unique desert surroundings are unlike any other festival. Burning Man fully immerses its festival goers in its culture by allowing you to take part in fire dancing. The 2018 Burning Man theme, “I, Robot” will surely blow our minds and I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an unforgettable experience to me.

Where? Black Rock Desert, Nevada

When? August 26-September 3, 2018

**Updated on March 5, 2018 to include list items 11–15 by Lauren DellaRocco

Alex is a senior at Florida State University studying History and International Affairs. When she isn’t attending music festivals, she is busy watching Saturday Night Live and keeping up with contemporary trends. Born and raised in New York, Alex has adopted writing as a way to convey her fast paced and dynamic life.

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