Top 10 Best Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities

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Does your school care about your ADHD? As it turns out, it might not. While 86 percent of colleges enroll students with learning disabilities, only 24 percent of them say they can actually help those students “to a major extent.” I may be bad at math, but I’m pretty sure those numbers are off. Some colleges and universities have set out to set those numbers straight. These 10 colleges are leading the charge.

Check out the 10 best colleges for students with learning disabilities.

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Marist College in New York offers a program that helps students academically, but also teaches them how to advocate for themselves and their disabilities. They provide students with a learning disability specialist who gives guidance on college life and all those awkward social changes that come with freshman year. Students even get to join in on events that raise awareness about disabilities including this year’s developmental basketball clinic, a fundraiser for the center. If you make real waves in raising awareness, you get a certificate and a luncheon in your honor. They’re not messing around at Marist.

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