The 15 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Rock at Any Party

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Cute, ugly, funny or bold–Christmas sweaters come in as many styles as Santa has reindeer. Whether you need loungewear for a movie night with family or a statement sweater for a fun Christmas party with your friends, make sure you have the perfect ugly Christmas sweaters for the occasion.

Look at these 15 ugly Christmas sweaters to find the one that stands out to you like Rudolph’s nose.

1. Reindeer Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

If you and your family watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer every year, then wear this thematically appropriate sweater to your traditional movie night. With an adorably tacky light up red nose, everyone will know your favorite holiday icon.

Price: $6.79-$39.99

2. Snoopy Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

Sure, he might not be an official Christmas icon, but Snoopy belongs in the ranks of timeless holiday characters. You probably won’t find anyone who doesn’t know him, and your sweater will be a huge hit at Christmas parties, no matter what generation. It might even inspire everyone to choose A Charlie Brown Christmas for a post-Christmas dinner movie.

Price: $10.77

3. Lets Get Lit Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

You won’t find a better sweater for the party people of the holiday season. A funny play on words while including festive Christmas lights, this sweater will hype up any holiday party. Take your Christmas party with your college friends to the next level in this sweater—it’ll go perfectly with all that spiked eggnog and peppermint schnapps.

Price: $7.91

4. Elf Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

Does our generation have a more iconic Christmas movie than Elf? With this funny Elf reference on your sweater, you can rep the movie you love. You might even inspire an Elf movie night… for the fifth time that week.

Price: $49.99

5. Christmas Vest

ugly christmas sweaters

Surprise your family with your bold fashion statements by wearing–get this–a sweater vest. A new take on the classic Christmas sweater, Christmas vest will have everyone at the holiday party talking about your bold fashion statements. 

Price: $20.30-23.30

6. Will Smith Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

Are you the funny guy or class clown in your friend group? Swipe this sweater of the ultimate class clown of the 90s.  Perfect for those who love the 90s, this sweater will fit right in at any retro-themed Christmas party.

Price: $29.99

7. #Squad Goals Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

This will make a perfect secret Santa present for you and your friends. Get your friends to wear them to the next Christmas party and define #squad goals. You’ll get an incredible Insta, and your feed will definitely put your followers in the holiday mood.

Price: $5.02

8. Classic Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters
Opt for a classic Christmas sweater style if you want to be subtly festive. Try something with classic holiday colors that won’t scream Christmas in your face. Look cute for holiday card pictures, get aesthetically pleasing Instagram’s and warm yourself up as you get cozy by the fire in this wintery sweater.

Price: $40.97

9. Present Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

Have you ever dreamt of being wrapped up like a present and placed under the Christmas tree? Wear this to a party if you are showing up with no present… YOU are the present 😉 This pulled out all the stops to make you look wrapped up as a gift, including a To and From tag and a three-dimensional bow.

Price: $59.95

10. Grandma Christmas Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

For the I-dug-through-my-grandma’s-closet look, pick up a classic ugly Christmas sweater. The mix of patterns and knitting makes it look it look like a sweater your grandmother would have actually worn. But even though it has the #vintage look, this will last longer and be better quality than what you managed to find in the attic or back of a closet.

Price: $29.99

11. Elf Costume Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

Not everyone may celebrate Christmas, but everyone loves elves. An ugly Christmas sweater like this gives you an easy elf costume that will be a hit at parties. Wear this a cheesy design alongside your friends to be Santa’s elves at any holiday party you go to.

Price: $24.99 – $29.99

12. Tipsy Elves Women’s Christmas Lights Sweater – Sequined Ugly Christmas Sweater: Medium

ugly christmas sweaters

Stand out at parties with your sparkly Christmas lights sweater that will draw some serious attention. You’ll have a unique sweater you can repeat season after season without worrying you’ll run into someone else with the same one.

Price: $54.95

13. Winter Hoodie

ugly christmas sweaters

Sure, you love Christmas sweaters, but you don’t love purposely dressing ugly. Why can’t there be a fashionable way to participate in the sweater trend? Slip on a hoodie holiday sweater that mixes festive and fashionable without being tacky. The turtleneck will keep you incredibly warm during the winter months as well.

Price: $7.78 – $29.77

14. Party Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

For the hardcore partiers, wear this beer pong Christmas sweater to your holiday party. It will be the favorite sweater by far because the interactive sweater that involves a drinking game will liven up any party. With Velcro, you can remove the cups when the game finishes and watch your party trick turn a cute red and green festive jumper just in time to see your family.

Price: $49.95

15. Sparkly Squad Sweater

ugly christmas sweaters

Surprise your friends with these sweaters for you and the whole squad. A fashionable take on the ugly Christmas sweater, the a cut out neck and sparkles make this sweater #extraAF. If you and your friends love to keep up with trends and want stylish but fun Christmas outfits, these sweaters will make your cheeks even rosier with holiday cheer.

Price: $15.39

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