10 College Party Themes that Guarantee a Lit AF Night

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You’re standing in a crowded room, holding half a beer, wearing the other half on your jeans. Sound familiar? If this paints a picture of your typical Friday or Saturday night, then it may be time to mix things up a bit. What better way to do it than with some unusual theme parties? Here are a few college party themes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

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1. The After Sex Party

Think loosened pants, collars and shirts. Anything goes as long as it’s messy: from lipstick on collars, to teased post-sex hair, to boxers on girls and beaters on boys or vice versa. If hosts really want to go the extra mile, provide red cups with dares written on them for party-goers to perform. What else says “college” like a sex-themed party?

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2. The Drinking Buddies Party

Guests are tied together with a piece of string to form opposite-sex “drinking buddies” as they enter. Though being tied to a complete stranger may be awkward, you’ll probably be hooking up by the end of the night.

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3. The Graffiti Party

Hosts provide colored markers, and guests sport white t-shirts ready for action! Don’t worry if you find yourself initially at a lack for inspiration; alcohol consumption seems to correlate with creativity. Best of all, the graffiti party lets you skip the embarrassing pick-up line and get right to some hands-on action.

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4. The “Anything But Clothes” Party

As the name suggests, you may choose to decorate yourself in shopping bags, wrapping paper or bubble wrap among other things. Creativity is key. While getting dressed for this party, you may see everything in your apartment without a power cord as potential clothing. Go with it.

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5. The Caribbean Night Party

Welcome to the island, man! Luaus are overrated. Celebrate your Caribbean heritage or just your love for all things Cuban, Bahamian, Haitian, Dominican and more. Ditch the bitter beer and posh wine for tropical drinks mixed with rum. Don’t forget to add a paper umbrella to your drink. Or level up and hollow out an actual pineapple to make every sip a bit more sweet.

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6. The Apocalypse Party

Party like the world is about to end. You won’t recognize your friends all done up in dark eyeshadow and dripping with (fake) blood. Wander around the party with your hands held out in front of you like a legit zombie. Being so in character may attract the girl who secretly watches Warm Bodies every night. And like a true zombie, stick to vodka cranberries all night (with water in between) so you look like you’re actually drinking someone’s blood.

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7. The Throwback Party

Do you want to be groovy, righteous or super fly? Pick your favorite decade and deck out in the trendiest styles. Search through second-hand stores for bell-bottom pants and feather out long layers to go back to the 70s. Shove shoulder pads into your favorite shirts and tease your hair to go into the 80s. You may or may not remember the 90s depending on your age, but its style came back recently and looks like it wants to stay. Hit stores like Forever 21 or H&M to find 90s-inspired scrunchies, crop tops and oversized tees or overalls for men.

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8. The Beer Olympics Party

You don’t need to travel across the globe to win a gold medal. Team up with your friends, classmates, and Greek brothers and sisters to compete in beer olympics. The games go by house rules so learn quick and practice your ping pong aim. Every team competing should choose a country to represent and dress like. The U.S. team can deck out in red, white and blue. The Parisian team can look high class in berets and striped shirts. No country is too large, small, powerful or obscure to choose. Now represent your country with pride and win.

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9. The Back to School Night

Break out all your old school uniforms you used to despise. That means pleated skirts and oxford shirts (knotted at the waist, of course). Boys, break out your favorite private school uniform ties. Take your school uniform up a notch and stain the shirt with grass, dirt and ketchup—because we all know recess meant coming back with Clorox-invincible stains.

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10. The Classically Cliché Toga Party

You must make a toast to the Greek gods and goddesses before wrapping up your undergrad years. Call up your craftiest friend and wrap white bedsheets around you to prepare for the toga party. Keep it classy and wear white t-shirts, a tank top and/or shorts under your bedsheets to avoid unintended party fouls. Back in the ancient Grecian world, wine was more available than water. Follow the Greeks and bring your favorite bottle of cabernet or rosé for the night. Pour it into a goblet and sip like Plato or Aristotle did when discussing philosophy.

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*Editor’s Note: Introduction and college party themes 1-4 originally published in College Magazine’s print publication, Fall 2007 issue by Sara Osipow > University of Maryland, College Park > Sophomore > Theater.

*Updated July 18, 2018 with six more party themes. 

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