By Far The Sluttiest Halloween Costumes

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I stumbled upon this website and thought I’d enlighten you all with the top 8 most painful, random and slutastic costumes I could find. I hope you’re as entertained as I was. The disclaimer is basically that anyone who wears one of these has one agenda in mind for Halloween. If you’re planning to go with a slutty costume, let this be your inspiration.

1. Slut Shark.

2. Slutty Pink Poodle. 

3. Slut purple polka dot monster.

3. Slut hamburger. Take a bite out of this… 

4. “Study Buddy”

5. Slutty Fox. This one runs $150


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6. Slutty Watermelon. 

7. Slut Angry Bird (which doubles as slut santa).


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8. Slutty Bee. (Boo-bee ~ get it?)

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