10 Cozy Blankets That Personify Every College Student

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This winter seems confused. With 60 degree sunny skies one week and blustering winds of snow the next, you never know when you’ll need that extra layer. But don’t spend the rest of the semester sleeping in your coat or fighting over the one spot on the couch closest to the heating vent. Instead, buy yourself in a cozy blanket. It might just save your roommate relationships and frost bitten toes.

1. Unbaked and Under the Covers

Cookie Dough cozy Blanket

Stop sitting at home wishing you had someone to crawl into bed with. Also, stop shivering! You don’t need an SO to heat your sheets. Grab something just as sweet and twice as irresistible: unbaked cookie dough.

2. Adventure is Waiting…Under Your Blanket

Trolling cozy Blanket

Add some green into your life since your potted succulent frosted over because it was too close to the window. Plus, imagining where this little Bigfoot is headed will distract you from the problem set due tomorrow.

3. Sweet Dreams

Gummy Bears cozy Blanket

“Goodnight, sweet dreams,” a tiny army of gummies whispers to you as you cuddle up. How can you not have sweet dreams sleeping under a rainbow of delicious sugar? Just be careful, you might wake up in the middle of the night with a growling stomach and a mouthful of blanket.

4. Mew  Yorker

Mew Yorker cozy Blanket

Smart, sophisticated and just a little punny, this blanket literally has you covered. The classic black-and-white design matches any dorm or apartment. Bonus: the classic and classy blanket attracts all the nerdy boys’ attention.

5. Too Cheesy?

Pizza cozy Blanket

Under this blanket you’ll feel as toasty as a pizza just coming out of the oven. Bonus points if you order a pizza and answer the the door with this beauty dropped around you.

6. Your Perfect Day

We Lose Ourselves in books cozy Blanket

The best thing about cold weather? Staying inside all day wrapped up in a blanket catching up on your reading. Let your blanket match your perfect day with this cozy blanket in the warmest forest green color. Get ready to dive into an open book and your bed.

7. Light in the Forest

Light Through forest trees cozy Blanket

Trapped inside on a beautiful day updating your resume? Check out this cozy blanket for instant relief. The nature, depth and light add an extra dimension to your room. So when you do manage to make your bed, the scene helps your room look bigger.

8. Comfort Minus the Calories

French Fries cozy Blanket

Did you open up your readings for tomorrow, add up all the pages then immediately want to curl into a ball and cry? I know I did. Don’t cry; get some fries. But instead of stuffing your face with warm fries that you might regret later, curl up under this cozy blanket, and get all the comfort minus the calories.

9. Marble

Marble cozy Blanket

“You’re hot, then you’re cold,” but that’s okay. This blanket understands your constant contradictions. A soft, cozy blanket masquerading as the smoothest and coldest substance on earth keeps you company as you toss and turn at night.

10. Party Pigs

Party Pigs cozy Blanket

Live vicariously through these lit piggies as you nap your Friday nights away. Or, if you do go out on the weekend, when you first bring that Tinder boy home, this blanket will distract him into noticing your décor before he tries to get you out of your clothes.

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Kristen is a Senior (or fourth year, as we call them!) at the University of Virginia, studying Art History and Media Studies. She loves modern art, walking around New York and fancy cheese.

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