Top 10 Colleges with the Hottest Guys

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Sure, we all go to school to get a degree. But who says you can’t participate in some—ahem—sex-tracurriculars while you’re at it? It’s 2016 so we’ve raised the stakes of what it means to be sexy. With the best gym facilities, the hottest and most successful sports, the healthiest food options, awesome Greek life and the ultimate brilliant minds (and killer bods), these 10 schools deliver the best-looking guys in the nation. Take a seat, because you might go weak in the knees.

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10. Brigham Young University

Do you like your men like you like your coffee—hot, sweet and the perfect pick-me-up to bring home to mom? Brigham Young University breeds hotties with manners. Just watch them from the weight-room webcam. BYU’s fellas aren’t just invested in their biceps, though. Warm weather brings an open-air farmer’s market to campus with local produce for students. So while your guy is getting yoked, he can be sure to follow some healthy eating habits, too. Top all of that with their successful football team, those lovely Mormon manners (manifested in a rape-prevention course on campus) and the sheer fact that there are 1,000 more men than women on campus. It’s clear these BYU guys have a lot going for them. Ready to convert?

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