The Way We Live at San Diego State

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At SDSU there are plenty of options to stay close to campus. For on-campus options, room sizes range from singles to triples and new residence halls pop up each year. Each building is suited with different communities and themes for even the pickiest of freshmen.

Join the Community

When you apply for the residence halls at SDSU, be aware that there are options to live in a ton of different types of communities. Most of them are catered towards your studies: there’s the Journalism and Media Studies floor for those interested in the field, as well as the Social Activism and Global Environments (SAGE) Community for those who want to gain a new perspective on the world around them. While most students apply for these communities based on majors, that doesn’t mean you have to be in that major. Let’s face it you’re in college. Chances are, you’ll change your major at least once.

 Where We Live

There are plenty of residence halls to choose from. If you want a traditional dorm, Maya and Olmeca exude the quintessential college feel you’ve seen in the movies. From the communal showers and closet-like first impression, the dorms will feel daunting. While you may want to run for the hills or jump in to the television for the cliché apartment-esque rooms, don’t fret. Everyone is in the same boat and in the same 11’ x 15’ room. If you want to step into adult shoes quickly, try Cuicacalli. At Cuicacalli you will have a room to yourself, seven rooms, nine roommates and a lot of stories at the end of the year.

Once you’ve outgrown dorm-life, you can choose from dozens of apartment complexes offered through the school and around campus. Villa Alvarado and Piedra del Sol are the two on campus apartment housing options, which grad students and juniors often seek out. As for off campus housing, hot spots like the brand new BLVD63 and The Penthouse Apartments are fairly close to campus.

Jason Credo is a fourth-year English major at San Diego State University. He hopes to one day be able to write an Emmy award-winning TV show that gets ten seasons and then becomes syndicated.

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