Lost and Found Love

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Therese Quiao>American University

The true mystery of a woman is that her man knows he can lose her at any moment. The beauty of romance is intoxicating. After all, how can anyone resist the can’t-live-without-each-other feeling?

Love is and always will be an important part of the human condition. However, the modern dating landscape is riddled with complications: the fear of commitment, friends with benefits, and the occasional one-night stand. Beyond sex and the initial attraction, there is something deeper that brings two people together.  Sometimes love comes at you when you least expect it. Whether you’re gravitating towards a person you normally wouldn’t like, or rekindling an old flame.

 The Evolution of The One Night Stand:

The infamous one night stand can be a typical Friday night for the average college student. Let’s face it, it’s happened to almost everyone, whether or not they are likely to admit it. In a society where "casual" relationships are becoming the norm, hooking up is taking the place of traditional dating practices. However, a wild tryst can lead to something much more meaningful.

Let’s use Couple A as an example. It was the night before Halloween and she was dressed in a Playboy bunny costume. After fending off the usual boys, she found someone new and exciting. Jamie Foxx would say that she could "blame it on Patron because it got in her in the zone." One thing led to another, and when he asked for her number in the morning she didn’t think he would call… but he did. Three and a half months later, they are still going steady.

The important part of letting a relationship evolve from a one night stand is to find a connection that is deeper than physical attraction. In her book, Superflirt Tracey Cox, describes this phenomenon. When a guy first meets a girl, he is attracted to her appearance. Glossy big lips, youthful, symmetrical features, but personality wins in the long-term. Cox writes, "Mother Nature wants men to choose women whose idea of heaven is staying at home to raise their babies rather than dancing half-naked on a podium at a dance party."

Here’s To The One You Would Least Expect:

Have you ever encountered someone who is super into you but all you want to do is runaway?

Next time this happens, give him or her a second chance. Here’s why:

Laura Waters* was a senior at West Virginia University, and is the girl everyone wants to be with: she’s gorgeous, fashionable, and funny; she can light up the room with her energy. Shortly after graduating from college, she was disheartened after dating a string of "bad boys."  She vowed to have one year of being single! Little did she know that her entire life would change in just one night.

During a girls’ night out in Georgetown, she couldn’t help but notice a boy named Ben dancing on the floor. She immediately dubbed him "Mr. Mambo # 5" because he looked so ridiculous. They apparently had a mutual friend because he followed them into a taxi and joined them at another bar. The entire night Laura avoided him.

The next evening, Laura attended a little party at Ben’s swank apartment! Surprise, surprise.  He tried to kiss her, but she crushed the moment by saying, " What are you doing!?"  Being persistent, Ben got Laura’s number from their mutual friend. They proceeded to go on a string of dates and she couldn’t get over how nice he was, and how much fun they had together. Ben was very different from the guys Laura normally dated. He was a good guy: smart, successful, and came from a good family. It had taken time for her to accept being with him. She eventually realized that it’s important to be with someone who truly cares about you.

Lesson of this story? Sometimes you just need to take that chance, it might surprise you.

*name has been changed

College Magazine Staff

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