How To Get Lit At The Ohio State University

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Beer pong, chesties, flip cup and rage cage move over—there’s a new drinking game in town. Classic drinking games get boring the more you play them. For that reason, a new game has been created. For those who go to Ohio State, play this game with your friends the next time boredom strikes, and see who can get the littest the quickest. I’m sure it won’t take very long.

Check out this Ohio State University drinking game to help you get lit.

1. Bottoms up every time a boy wearing a jersey walks in to your 8 AM Friday lecture

Your first class on a Friday freshman year probably confused you just as much as it did for me. Why is everyone in jerseys? Did I miss the memo? Yes, you did. Will I lose participation points for this? No, you won’t. One of the best bars on campus, the O, held an event every Friday afternoon called Beat the Clock (BTC for short). Students traditionally wear jerseys to this event. Even though the O sadly closed down this summer, its legacy will forever live on. Long live the O.

2. Drink for missing bagpipe-playing boy

For those Ohio State upperclassmen, you know who I am talking about. You never needed headphones while walking across the oval because bagpipe boy had you covered. Rain or shine, he always paraded the South Oval bringing sweet music to our ears. Bagpipe boy was the glue that mends us all together. Without him, we are nothing. Bottoms up for him, we miss him.

3. Shotgun a beer whenever you hear someone complain about the clock tower

The clock tower was the biggest tea of the 2017-2018 school year. Everywhere you went last semester someone had something to say about it, usually negative. If you didn’t know, someone donated money to the school specifically for a clock tower to be built. Yes, dorms need A/C. Yes, our school needs help in many other areas. But this specific alum wanted a clock tower. Sip that tea and get over it.

4. Drink whenever you hear ‘Walk sign is on to cross, Woodruff’

The most infamous crosswalk on campus. It even has a Twitter account. Take a shot whenever you cross Woodruff to get to your north dorm or when heading to Scott. Or, for the unfortunate ones, take a shot when you have to cross this road to go to your Accounting class in Schoenbaum. Drink again if you read “Walk sign is on to cross, Woodruff” out loud to yourself.

5. Take a shot for every swipe you have left on your Buck ID on Sunday

I remember the struggle of choosing which meal plan to get. Grey 10 or Scarlet 14? Maybe even Unlimited? I ended up having 14 the first semester of Freshman year and 10 the second semester. Either way I always ended up with four or more swipes left on Sunday. How did I manage to conserve my swipes so much? Nobody knows. Make sure that taking shots on this day doesn’t lead to slacking on a productive Sunday though. Work hard, play hard.

6. Crack a cold one if your dorm doesn’t have AC

Freshmen in the newer dorms don’t know how lucky they are. For the unlucky, the first couple weeks in older dorms are the worst. Not due to the large probability of the dorms being haunted, but due to the fact that they don’t have air conditioning. If you currently suffer through one of the hottest first couple weeks at OSU in Baker, Canfield or any of the other unfortunate dormitories, crack a cold one, or 5. It’s the only way you’ll get through the pain.

7. ICE someone whenever they struggle swiping their Buck ID at the RPAC

I get it, we all get it. Ohio State tries to make everything more technologically savvy. No more people taking your order at the Union. Tapingo. And now, having you swipe yourself into the RPAC. Only problem with this is that half of the population can’t get the swipe orientation quite right. Whenever you see your buddy, or a stranger, struggle using their Buck ID at the RPAC, ICE them with the handy dandy ICE you keep in your backpack. They’ll be alarmed, but due to principle, they won’t be able to resist being ICE’d.

8. Finish your drink when you survive walking across the crosswalk in front of Starbucks on south campus

I wish there was a stat on how many people have been hit at this crosswalk. I don’t know whose bright idea it was to place a crosswalk on one of the busiest streets in Ohio, but someone did. Whenever I see people make this voyage. I pray for them. Nobody is safe. I only use this crosswalk when I am very low on time and absolutely need to. I rather take the extra few steps and go to a safe traffic light stop nearby.

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