Cheer, Cheer for Whom? The 10 Best College Fight Songs

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With every great college athletic program comes a great college fight song. It could be the Chop, the Jig or maybe even the Chomp. As a fan of the team or as a student, you may not know the name of all 100 players on the football team, but if you don’t know every word to the fight song, you won’t survive at these schools. The question is, whose fight song is the best?

10. University of Florida – “The Orange and Blue”

If you’re ever bold enough to venture into the Swamp on a Saturday, be extra careful—you might get eaten. “The fight song reminds me where I am and where I belong, the University of Florida. Since I started rooting for the Gators at a very young age, the fight song has always been something I’ve paired with Gator football and my amazing UF experiences,” said UF sophomore Jake Winderman.

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9. University of Wisconsin – “On, Wisconsin!”

It may come as a surprise to some, but Wisconsin’s fight song is not “Jump Around” by House of Pain. That might be the most memorable image at any Wisconsin sporting event, but the Badger band is pretty outstanding, too. Those cheese heads in Wisconsin have some of the most school spirit in the country, and it shows. “It may seem over the top and blatantly annoying, but the Wisconsin experience is the best, so it seems only fair that the fight song, played by an incredible band, fights ‘on for her fame,’” said UW junior Katey Van Ort.

8. University of Southern California – “Fight On”

With a stadium big enough to host the summer Olympics, it seems like it would be tough to find a way to unite the entire place, but the Trojan hymn creates that community atmosphere all by itself. “The marching band is able to use this song to bring together the entire coliseum (minus the opposing team’s section) of thousands of people, and I think that in itself is pretty amazing,” said USC senior Tiffany Fan. Whether you love or hate the team, you have to respect the greatness of this fight song.

7. Michigan State University – “Falcone Fight”

On the other side of the Aegean Sea you’ll find Sparta, the namesake of this hallowed sports program in East Lansing, Michigan. Good Spartans always feast on the weakness of their enemy, and so do their fans. Whether they’re the famous 300 or the football team of around 100, you’ll be ready for war after hearing this fight song. “Instead of actually saying ‘the other team is weakening’ like it does in the song, State fans just belt ‘Weak!’ and it exemplifies every part of being a Spartan,” said Michigan State sophomore Mary Alexander.


6. University of Tennessee – “Rocky Top”

“The thing that makes ‘Rocky Top’ the best is the fact that it’s ‘unofficial,’ yet everyone knows it. Fans from other schools know it, even though they hate it. There isn’t a more recognizable and unique fight song out there,” said UT sophomore Gus Darden. Yes, you read that right. “Rocky Top” is not the “official” fight song for UT, but like Gus said, it’s one of the most well-known tunes in the country. Although it was originally a country song by the Osborne Brothers, UT took it and made it into a powerful athletic rallying cry as well as its sentimental college soundtrack.

5. University of Texas – “Texas Fight”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a college fight song as upbeat and exciting as “Texas Fight.” “Anyone that grew up in Texas or with a parent that went to UT has known the song for probably their whole life, including myself,” said UT junior Dena Jo Lipper. No Texan could ever forget it, and the song itself makes sure you won’t get it confused with the fight song from rival school Texas A&M. In just the second line of the song, Texas fans say “goodbye to A&M.” To be fair, their fight song does make a return jab at UT, but for any UT fan, those lyrics are worth any retaliation.

4. Pennsylvania State University – “Fight on State”

In one of the largest and loudest stadiums in all  sports, the Penn State Blue Band brings out the pompoms and electrifies the crowd every game. “Watching the blue band come out and swarm the field and start playing, it almost felt like the stadium came to life with the song, and moved with the pitches,” said Penn State sophomore Luke Englehardt. Whether they’re cheering on the best volleyball program in the country, the hockey or the football team you’ll always find die-hard Penn State fans screaming this tune in your ears.

3. Ohio State University – “Across the Field”

“The name says it all. We have ‘The Best Damn Band in the Land’, so shouldn’t we have the best fight song too?” said sophomore Jordan Sprunger. The Ohio State University marching band is an all-brass band (sorry flautists), and that gives them a sound like no other. They also play in “The Shoe,” a horseshoe-shaped stadium of practically unrivaled size. The unique all-brass band marching out “Script Ohio” across the field or the ice is one of the most sacred traditions in all of college sports. Oh, and don’t forget to dot the I.

2. University of Michigan – “The Victors”

Along with the winningest, and one of the greatest college football programs in the country comes what John Philip Sousa called “the greatest college fight song ever written.” That’s high praise coming from the man who is considered to be the “March King.” “There are few things in life that are more thrilling than singing “The Victors” and throwing your fist in the air on “Hail!” along with 110,000 other people in the Big House,” said UM sophomore Liam Houlihan. For students, the feeling of singing “The Victors” is probably equivalent to anything in those “how it feels to chew Five Gum” commercials. It’s that good.

1. University of Notre Dame – “The Notre Dame Victory March”

Put on your kilt and get ready to jig, because the Fighting Irish are going to play the “Notre Dame Victory March” at every game this year. Played by the oldest university band in history, it’s hard to find a fight song with more tradition or more recognition. “There’s so much history surrounding every part of gameday at Notre Dame, and the Victory March is a huge part of it. Who else gets to shake down the thunder and wake up the echoes? It gives me chills just thinking about it,” said Notre Dame sophomore Hannah Mumber.

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