5 Monsters You’ll Meet at the Bar Halloweekend

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Going out during Halloween is basically the adult alternative to trick or treating. Sure you’ve swapped the candy for alcohol but you can still pregame while watching classics like Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. However, once you hit the bars, you’ll meet a few monsters that haunt the rest of your Halloweekend.

1. Your Ex

Running into an old boo becomes particularly spooky during Halloweekend. Maybe they’re one half of a couple costume that you’re no longer a part of with a replacement you just roaming around the bar for you to run into. Or maybe their mere presence has a soul-sucking dementor-like effect on you. Don’t sweat it, take Lupin’s advice and have some chocolate (or maybe just a shot in this scenario).

2.The Grabby Guy (or Gal)

We all know that person, or maybe we are that person. But regardless for some people, alcohol turns them into the touchy-feely type. Look out for him slouching against a wall looking to claim his next support system. Literally—he may need someone to hold him up. Don’t be that someone. “I think you should always go out with one of your guy friends and in a big group with close friends,” said Indiana University freshman Julia Solazzo. “It is really easy to lose your friends at crowded dark parties and it’s easy for someone to come up to you.” Nobody wants to play babysitter on a night out. so avoid that tipsy ghoul grasping at you like a haunted house actor.

3. The Trump/Clinton Couple Costume

In an election year this heated, running into caricatures of the nominees becomes inevitable. Maybe the couple that chooses to sport the rubber masks of Trump and Clinton are politically inclined. Or maybe they’re just creepy looking and that’s about where it ends. “I think it’s funny because everyone thinks the election is such a joke,” said Solazzo. Either way, don’t let a heated debate suck the fun out of your night out.

4. Your Old Roommate

They never did the dishes, they had horrible taste in music and now they’re staring at you from across the bar. “I hate running into my old roommate because she drinks a lot and gets really obnoxious,” said IU sophomore Mallory Anson. “She will literally start talking about herself and never stop.” Nothing says “I’m glad I don’t live with you anymore” like avoiding any interaction for the rest of the night.

5. The Puker

Yes, anytime someone empties the contents of their stomach in front of you, it isn’t ideal. However it becomes even more problematic in a crowded, poorly lit bar. “It’s just annoying and it ruins the whole atmosphere,” said IU sophomore Sam McKinney. “If someone gets messed up at a party they don’t just ruin their night, they’re ruining the night of whoever has to clean up after them.” Add in the threat of getting vomit on that costume you rented from the Halloween superstore and this monster just became more threatening than usual. Steer clear.

College Magazine does not promote underage drinking. Please drink responsibly.

Sarah Monnier is a senior at Indiana University studying journalism and history. Passionate about pineapple, Harrison Ford and VHS cassettes.

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