14 Valentine’s Day Memes to Enjoy if You’re Single AF

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Valentine’s Day arrives soon and obviously those who are in a relationship feel ecstatic. Who doesn’t love to be showered with gifts and words of love at a romantic date? But let’s be honest – some of us don’t count on that romantic dinner in the moonlight. What does our February 14th look like? Binge-watching Netflix and scrolling through Pinterest post that makes us want to get our life together, that’s what. CM’s got another activity for you to feel a little bit better when coping with a case of single-fever.

Check out these must-see 14 Valentine’s Day memes for a perfect combo of laughing, crying and forgetting about your love life.

1. Baby Don’t Hurt Me, No More

Valentine’s Day reminds many that they don’t have a bae. A day celebrating couples and them shoving their hugs, kisses and hand-holding in our faces? No thanks. However, this e-card remind us of something very important; no one loves you on any other day either. Though harsh, this meme reminds us that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t make us feel anymore down in the dumps than a regular day. But remember: dogs literally love everyone. Get yourself a dog.

2. I love you. I know.

Flying your single-flag on Valentine’s Day can definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Just keep it in mind that like Han, you should be proud of going Solo. Taking on the world by yourself can be awesome. Loyola Maryland freshman Rachael Loretan said, “I am totally okay with being single over Valentine’s Day because I can eat all my favorite candy by myself and I can do whatever I want with my friends. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be for the boys.” Even Han counts on Chewbacca, so make sure you hug your friends extra tight this February 14th and try to fit in a Galentine’s Day this year.

3. Forward this to 15 friends or…

Remember those chain messages that threatened your future love life and future success over email or text? The moment you got one of those terrible text chains, you forwarded it faster than your lap-time for gym class. Most people passed on the tales of scary stories and we bet those people currently have someone to share Valentine’s Day with. If you need a valid excuse for being a single-Pringle, take a trip down memory lane. Those chain messages officially came back to haunt you. “I always forwarded those chain messages when I was younger. I was always afraid they would come true,” said James Madison freshman Olivia McCoy.

4. Mo’ money? No problems.

Somewhat bitter about spending V-Day alone? Try to reframe the situation. Pros and cons of both sides of the relationship spectrum come to mind when debating how luck you are this Valentine’s Day. On one side of the spectrum, cuddling and sharing your feelings with someone sounds awesome. Many can agree that the best thing about being single’s gotta be the fact you save a lot of money. Relationships rack up the cash.

5. Love is in the air, get the gas mask

Follow Ned Flanders and protect yourself from this contagious thing called love. Grab your gas mask and bare through Valentine’s Day without being exposed. You never know though, maybe catching love sickness might help cure your bad attitude. Not everyone should bitterly pout on February 14th.

6. Couple pics? No thanks!

Ever been the third wheel both in person and on camera? Or maybe they plague every social media feed. Whatever it is, couple photos can be hell on Earth. “Couple pictures don’t bother me unless there’s an unnecessarily cheesy caption that goes along with the picture. Then it’s annoying,” said Penn State University freshman Sydney Ernst. A nice day chilling or hanging out with friends turns into a photoshoot; what a bummer. At least you didn’t get stuck taking the pictures.

6. Jim couldn’t land me in a million years

Office lovers definitely understand Dwight Schrute’s crude humor. Sadly, life isn’t just about beets, bears and Battle Star Galactica. For some, Feb 14th acts as just another date on a calendar. A regular ole day that will pass and you can go back to hating on couples and PDA without looking like an Anti-Valentine’s Day activist. Until then, sit tight and pretend that Valentine’s Day doesn’t even exist.

8. Love is in the Air

Can you feel the love tonight? With love in the air, it seems to act pretty contagious. Yet, who needs love when you have science on your side? Nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gets you through the day. Sheldon gets it. Grab your fave air freshener and starting spraying; nothing can get in between you and your bitterness towards love.

9. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day, Harry? 

Ready for a magical night alone? Harry Potter defines how many people spend their weekends: upstairs and pretending they don’t exist. Take the magical boy’s advice and just lay low for one day. You won’t watch couples kiss and share dinner together. Being secluded in your bedroom, cuddled with your cat and watching Harry Potter could not get any better for a single lady or lad.

10. Everyone has a hand to hold

You reach out to grab the hand of your S.O. and wonder why they feel so cold. Oh wait—you’re dating your fridge. Yup, the hand you are holding may be the refrigerator door handle but just remember, it’s always been there for you when you need it most. Even through the ugly and terrible breakups of your past lovers, you can always rely on some yummy leftovers in the wee hours of the night. Cheer up and know that the fridge will never, ever leave you. Until it breaks… but a least no hard feelings exist and you get a much-needed upgrade.

11. How we plan on spending Valentine’s Day

Unlike Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, many of us aren’t number one this Valentine’s Day. Most single ladies and lads out there can relate with our childhood friend SpongeBob. Forever alone but forever happy. Getting food alone never seems fun, even if you are just getting a bite to eat at the dining hall. On Valentine’s Day, all those couples on romantic dinner dates with fancy steaks and drinks put you on edge. And what do you happen to be you doing? Probably sitting alone grabbing a greasy bite to eat. “Do I like sitting alone? dO i Like sItTinG ALoNe?” said University of San Diego freshman Jamie Schneider when asked about eating alone. But hey, maybe the Patrick and Sandy of your life will save the day.

12. February 14th? How about February 15th!

Valentine’s Day is everyone’s favorite holiday… LOL sike. Don’t get me wrong: We all want to enjoy a loving and caring relationship. Let’s think about it, though… what can be better than that? Chocolate, of course. And what brings it to a whole new level? When chocolate hearts, roses and popular brands become 50 percent off. “I cannot wait to get those chocolate truffles,” said Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute freshman Katie Hyrb. If you’re single and feeling a little bit blue this Valentine’s Day, cheer up, buttercup. February 15th brings a wonderful day of chocolates on clearance. Save money and eat your feelings a little bit later.

13. You’ll find someone eventually, but until then you’re chillin’

Just chill, honestly. Even on a holiday that reminds you of how sad the single life makes you, this meme reminds you your Netflix account will never leave you (unless the family member you’re stealing it from changes the password). “I can’t wait to watch The Purge this Valentine’s Day,” said Dickinson College freshman Emma Wolf. Until then, just chill, find some quality memes and try not to mess up you sleep schedule binge-watching Netflix.

14. The Never-Ending Posts that make you a Scrooge

You scroll through your feed and you can’t seem to escape the never-ending loop of couple’s pics. This doesn’t mean you should show your feelings on social media. Whatever you do, don’t post about how much you hate Valentine’s Day. Of course, you acquire every right to be bitter about the single life but no one wants to be that person. “If they want to feel bitter, they can feel bitter. It’s just annoying,” said USD freshman Alicia Talancon. Tweeting too many sassy remarks about couples and sharing Anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments on Facebook should hit the banned list. Be considerate—you’re your friends who did find Mr. or Mrs. Right could get annoyed. Your time will come. Until then, you can find love with memes.

Zoë is a freshman studying marketing at the University of San Diego. Lover of life and cats. She's probably at the beach eating Açaí bowls while reading Harry Potter.

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