12 Things to Do Your First Week at FSU

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Freshmen are the equivalent to freshly hatched turtles crawling towards the ocean. You know it’s time, but you can’t imagine such a little baby going to such a big scary place. The dorms, RA’s and freshman orientation provide a smooth transition for all the fresh faces. These events bring together a class full of kids based on one common thing: Everything is brand new. Every new class needs to have a blast the first week to feel right at home and find those future BFF’s. Whether they’re organized events, FSU traditions or activities especially for the new class, take a look at 12 events that should fill your Instagrams this August.

1. Freshman class BBQ

Our very own ‘Nole prez hosts this freshman shindig in his backyard. A few days before the start of classes, John Thrasher blends faculty and students together for bonding over free pulled pork and mac and cheese. You can see beyond the faces on your dorm floor by chilling with the whole class in one yard. A party with free food is never a party wasted.

2. Convocation

Even though you can file this one under required activities, it’s sure to get you hyped for the coming year. The Civic Center seats the enter freshman class for the New Student Convocation ceremony. You can think of it as a kind of backwards high school graduation. You’ll be tingling with school spirit after hearing from the deans, the provost and other students talk about the thrills of being a Seminole.

3. Taste of Tallahassee

Giving up your favorite hometown eating spots is like ripping out your soul, so living in a new city means falling in love with new local spots. Classic Tallahassee eats gather in the Union the week before classes to give you the chance to find your new favs. Local Tallahassee restaurants thrive on the business of the student population, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of a feast of free food. Pro-tip: The food trucks like Lofty Pursuits and Julio’s Food on the Move are to die for.

4. Free personal training

Not knowing your way around a gym can be intimidating, but the Leach has your back. The school’s gym offers free personal training sessions to see if a new fitness journey will mesh with your new academic one. Even if the gym isn’t your scene, you don’t have to pay and you can learn a few fitness tips.

5. Involvement fair

Finding your place at a university is like looking for a needle in a haystack. FSU simplifies the process with the annual involvement fair. The extensive list of clubs and organizations gather in the Union to give out club info for inquiries of all ages. You’ll find your new calling begging you to walk up to its table. Karate club, anyone?

6. Taste of Seminole dining

Think taste of Tallahassee on a smaller scale. If you’ll basically be chained to campus, you’ll need to know where to find the good grub. You can get previews and samples of any food you could find on FSU’s campus. If your stomach is growling and the dining hall is starting to make you cringe, you’ll know exactly where to go. And in the words of J. Lo, “It don’t cost a thing.”

7. FSU luau

Picture your high school carnival with leis and no sticky children. The FSU luau provides free sno-cones, food and music to help students get to know each other Hawaiian-style. Get your coconut bra and be sure to check this out in the Union the weekend before class starts.

8. ASLC movie night

The Askew Student Life Cinema gives you a drive-in style show at no cost. The student organization puts on productions up to five nights a week. Take your pick when to grab your popcorn and make your way to the Askew Student Life Building. First week features include Pitch Perfect 2 and Jumanji.

9. Blacklight chalk art

Channel both your inner artist and inner child. The Friday before classes, the Union welcomes you to fill the sidewalks with glow in the dark chalk art. Keep the message clean, and the cement is all yours.

10. International Coffee Hour

The Seminole family draws students from all around the world every year. The weekly International Coffee Hour was started to provide two awesome things: culture and coffee. Munch on free snacks and sip on espresso while you learn about cultures around the world. Curious how an Italian college kid’s life differs from yours? Come chat over cappuccino.

11. Comedy Show

Add a comedy show to the list of free FSU student perks. Nate Bargatze, seen on both Jimmy Fallon’s tour and Conan O’Brien, is making his way to the Union. Bring your student ID and laugh until you cry.

12. Football game

Florida State can make a football fanatic out of even the most clueless sports patron. Even if football seems like a foreign language to you, be sure to go to the first game of the year. Almost every student will be in attendance to bring in the season. You’ll learn countless FSU traditions, meet hundreds of new people and leave burning with school spirit.

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