Top 10 Restaurants at the Fingertips of FSU Campus

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Also written by Alexandra Gimpel

Do you crave pizza at 2 a.m.? Do you lack any kind of transportation off the FSU campus but need food ASAP? Right around the corner from Florida State University, you’ll find the best restaurants in Tallahassee at your fingertips.

Each of these tasty joints can fulfill your palette whether you’re looking to eat crispy tater tots or homemade gelato. These 10 best restaurants in Tallahassee are right outside the FSU campus, serving scrumptious food that’ll have you coming back for seconds, thirds and fourths.

Access to the best restaurants in Tallahassee delivered to you on the FSU campus has never been easier!

We polled students to get their opinions on their favorite places and then took a deeper dive by investigating every menu. Check out the best restaurants for living on the FSU campus.

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1. Roboto Tokyo Grill

“Mr. Roboto’s chicken hibachi with fried rice and veggies is bomb. It’s delicious. It’s cheap. What college student doesn’t like cheap and delicious food? I have been there so much I know how much my order costs with tax: $8.55.” —Jake Miller, Sophomore, Digital Media Production.

Maybe some of you can relate to having that awesome Japanese hibachi steakhouse back home. The courses of soup, salad, protein, rice, noodles and veggies alone can make you homesick. Mr. Roboto’s is one of the best restaurants in Tallahassee and has got all that jazz, just without the show of the chef flipping eggs into his hat and lighting up an onion ring volcano. It’s not like us college kids have time for that anyway; just give us our food. With two locations in Tallahassee near the FSU campus you can satisfy that craving anytime, anywhere.


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11. Merv’s

A few blocks away from Westcott Fountain on the FSU campus, Merv’s cures that Saturday morning hangover. If you’re on the hunt for a yummy sandwich, specifically grilled cheese, then walk to Merv’s ASAP. This restaurant lets you either enjoy your meal outside amidst the beautiful scenery of All Saints District, or choose to sit inside their renovated garage. “Merv’s is awesome because I can relax, enjoy my food and hang out with my dog all at once,” said FSU senior Bobby Langley. Langley especially enjoys Merv’s due to their dog-friendly environment. Merv’s also serves the most wanted tater tots in Tallahassee, such as the Truffle Tots, West Coast Tots and Drunken Tots, which will make you want to come back for more.

12. Madison Social

Gather around, socialites. Popular items on the MadSo menu include the savory short rib taco and the famous cast-iron cookie for dessert. On weekends, MadSo has delicious items for brunch that encourage customers to come back every weekend such as the spicy honey and chicken waffles or the classic MadSo burger. “Whenever I eat at Madison Social, I order the Hot Totty—it’s pretty much tater tots smothered in greatness,” said FSU senior Jordan Brunker. Aside from their kickass menu, MadSo entertains tally locals and out-of-town visitors with trivia nights and Santahassee bar crawls.

13. Maple Street Biscuit Company

Located on Call St., down the road from the FSU campus, this restaurant appeals to students looking to eat scrumptious, southern food. “The gravy has sausage in it which makes it so unique and the biscuits are fluffy and mouth-watering,” said FSU junior Destiny Kruzel. If you’re not hungry for their savory biscuits, Maple Street Biscuit Company also offers fresh fruit and vegetable salads served in authentic  glass jars. How can you say no to warm and wholesome biscuits on any given morning?

14. MoMo’s

Welcome to MoMo’s, home of the largest pizza ever. But really. Sara Levine, FSU senior, described her particular reason for frequenting MoMo’s. “The garlic knots are simply yum and the pizza oozes with flavor,” Levine said. This Tallahassee joint sells slices of pizza (as big as your head) for only $4.75 per slice. And, if you want to add toppings, but tend to be indecisive, don’t worry—they have over 45. Next time you’re walking out of Bellamy and need a meal to fill you up for the next two days, stroll down to Tennessee Street with $5 and thank me later.

15. Doughlicious

Wallet looking especially empty this week? Look no further than to Doughlicious, located on Call Street, where you can purchase the scrumptious calzone of the day for only $6. Order the Cordon Blue and enjoy chicken patties, ham, American cheese and mozzarella all wrapped up in fresh bread. Vegetarian? Doughlicious cooks a variety of calzones including the popular Vegielicious calzone with broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives and a cheese mix. The preparation time flies by, so you won’t need to sit at a nearby table checking your Facebook feed for an hour. Fun fact: They’re open until 3 a.m.

16. Gumby’s

Looking for some cheese and marinara sauce action to finish off your Friday night after leaving The Strip? You’ve partied at the right place. Walk across the street and enjoy Gumby’s whether you’re looking to pig out, socialize or even appreciate the scenery around Tennessee Street. No matter your age, Gumby’s pleases everyone. No matter the day of the week, this contemporary pizza place buzzes with the most popular cheese bread in Tallahassee, the pokey stix. And if you don’t order the pokey stix, do you even go to Florida State?

17. Tequila Tribe

Hungry for chips and salsa? Head over to Tequila Tribe, located on West College Avenue, just a five-minute walk from the FSU campus. This new contemporary Mexican restaurant creates a “fiesta” type of environment as well as “delicioso” food. The menu incorporates the distinct Mexican palette, from shrimp tacos to quesadillas. Age permitted, make sure to check out their specialty drinks including the raspberry margs or agave dream martinis. Tequila Tribe Waiter Nick Shewbridge said, “The restaurant is so unique because the vibe can either accommodate business crowds from downtown or college kids trying to party.” He also suggested trying the popular spinach enchilada, as this dish remains a crowd favorite every day of the week.

18. Andrew’s Capital Grill & Bar

A stroll down the block after happy hour at Clyde’s lays a hidden gem, one of the best restaurants in Tallahassee. An American food joint that has every meal imaginable found on the menu, ranging from Lamb Gyros to Thai Peanut Crunch Ahi Tuna, Andrew’s pleases everyone. This contemporary restaurant hosts avid-sport watchers as Andrew’s always streams live sports games. Due to their close location to the FSU campus, Andrew’s remains a favorite amongst FSU students. Upon arrival, make sure to order the must-have appetizer deemed the Dip Trip—a portion of queso dip, capital dip and homemade salsa with tortilla chips. Next time you’re thinking about choosing a place to watch the next football, basketball or baseball game, walk to Andrew’s, just 10 minutes up the road from Westcott fountain.

19. Vale

Tallahassee offers more than cheesy bread and tater tots. Vale has emerged in College Town as the place where you can enjoy pigging out and still feel good afterwards. If you’re looking for acai bowls, Vale has those. If you’re looking for a scrumptious dinner, try the braised beef, chipotle mac-and-cheese and green beans…but don’t leave behind the sweet potatoes. Don’t forget to stop by here mid-afternoon on a Monday or grabbing dinner on a Thursday.

20. Centrale Italian Parlour

A new Italian restaurant, located right next to Madison Social, has been the buzz of Florida State students. “I looooove the pesto shrimp pasta dish because it honestly fulfills every type of craving I have-simultaneously,” said FSU junior Lauren Kasten. Centrale stands out in Tallahassee for their out-of-this-world desserts. You must order the famous Italian gelatos, including the crowd favorite roasted hazelnut, when dining at the parlor. If you’re looking for an ethnic Italian meal, but would like a short walk from the FSU campus, you’ve found your place.

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*Updated November 28, 2016 by Alexandra Gimpel with 10 extra restaurants (restaurants 11-20) nearby the FSU campus to fulfill every student’s craving plus a new and improved introduction paragraph.

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