CM’s Top 10 Schools for Introverts

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Introverts withdraw from crowds, hate small talk and desperately need their me-time. Think of one of the worst places to put them— if you didn’t guess college, then you, my friend, must have an on-going reservation for the losing side in Trivia Crack. Just imagine the lecture halls filled with 200 kids, the dorms brimming with strangers, the dining halls packed with ravenous students, the frats crammed with drunk, groping gentlemen– welcome to Introvert’s Inferno (the only casual Dante reference in the piece, I swear).

Moving from hell to heaven: innovative housing, accommodating class structures and vibrant student life create safe havens for the less socially inclined. These 10 schools persuade introverts to get out of their own heads (and sweatpants) and onto campus.

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1. University of Chicago

One HUGE source of fun– apart from the 53 sports offered, including Quidditch and paintball, is the housing system. In 11 residence halls, members of 38 different “Houses” reach family-status by sharing quirky traditions, a House Council, a House Lounge (the “family room”) and reserved tables in the dining hall. More importantly, they bond through sweet activities like fundraising, hiking trips, excursions downtown, “Bad Movie” nights, sports competitions against other Houses and 10-minute dance parties during finals week. What better way to bond those prone to nerdiness than a Harry Potter-inspired housing system?

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Andrea is a sophomore English major at Boston College. She enjoys binge snacking, psychoanalyzing her friends and saying medium instead of grande just to piss Starbucks employees off. Friends and cute boys call her Anna.

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