Top 21 Shows to Watch on Netflix

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Ready to pick your summer Netflix binge?

Sunday afternoon arrives and you find yourself cuddled up in bed with your phone two inches from your face. You set the phone down, pick up the remote and watch your thumb involuntarily set the TV to Netflix mode. Click after click after click, you find yourself back at square one—nowhere. Lets face it; you can only watch Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill so many times. “I’ve already watched everything Netflix has to offer me,” you say aloud. Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong. Scroll down to discover 21 shows you can start binge watching in 3…2…1…

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1. Making a Murderer

Crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under and open your ears to all of the hype surrounding this documentary. Filmed throughout a 10-year span, a crew of videographers follow Steven Avery through his imprisonment for a false sexual assault allegation. Once released from his 18-year sentence, Avery and his loved ones set out to right the wrongs inflicted upon him in 1985.


Read on for 10 more Netflix shows that won’t let you out of your bed until you’ve finished them

By Francesca Furey

The Ones with Action

22. Stranger Things

If you haven’t heard of Stranger Things by now, you’ve been living in your own personal Upside Down. This Netflix original combines drama and horror with humorous and beloved characters—ones that you’ll get attached to easily. Every twist and turn will make you binge this series in less than a day. The two seasons offer two different samples of the Duffer Brothers. Season one’s full of scares (and cries) with the demogorgon lurking about… and with a crazy ending. But don’t worry, though still a little scary, season two provides much more character development of our favorite ragtag group. Remember to text your family and friends before closing yourself off from society while watching.


23. The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

If you know and love the work of American Horror Story, grab your popcorn for this new series. American Crime Story adds a new twist to this T.V. universe with horrors and action based on real events. In the first season, we witness the trials and tribulations of O.J. Simpson, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., a professional athlete in court for murdering his wife and her friend. You probably know the outcome of this show, but it delves into the trials, events and figures we may not know the exact details of. After finishing this series, you’ll question yourself even more—did O.J. do it? Bonus: the second season, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, will get added to Netflix in the next couple of months.

24. Narcos

Welcome to the inner workings of the Medellin Cartel and the Colombian cocaine trade. This jam-packed series with violence, death and drugs gives you insight on kingpins, like Pablo Escobar, and the action of law enforcement. “People should watch narcos because it’s pretty relevant as it’s based off a true story and wasn’t that long ago. It’s a crazy story and cool to learn about Pablo Escobar and the drug trade. It’s perfect for people who like crime dramas,” Temple University sophomore Jordan Boden said. You find yourself living among the characters in the ‘80s, wondering what the hell’s going to go down next. If you liked Pedro Pascal as Oberyn from Game of Thrones, get ready to see him as a DEA agent in this series. On top of the drugs, you learn about the politics, tension and civilian opinions throughout the show. “People should watch it because there’s always something you can learn from any show. Whether it’s how to handle objections, how to communicate with people, how to make deals or as simple as what it takes to get to the top,” Dominican College sophomore Luis Cuevas said.

The Ones with Inspiration

25. Bill Nye Saves The World

If anyone can save your world and the whole world at the same time, it’s Bill Nye. This series approaches topics, like sleep or cyber security, with a scientific perspective. He and his panel, which includes an array of scientists, celebrities and advocates, debunk myths and doubts about science while teaching the audience how things work. You don’t need to worry about not trusting Bill, as everything he talks about focuses on the truth. “It’s obviously a good show if you want a heavy dose of nostalgia. But more so than just Bill Nye, I like a lot of the correspondent pieces throughout the episodes,” Temple senior Ross Weisman said, “Bill can get tiring after a while, but cutting away to different enthusiastic scientists is a welcome addition.” Hop onto the science bandwagon and start chanting Bill! Bill! Bill! with the rest of us.

26. Queer Eye

After you finish this series, you’ll be screaming “Yes queen!” literally everywhere. Queer Eye, a sequel to the early ‘00s show, will make your heart melt and your eyes water. Five men, also known as the Fab Five, meet a new man every episode and give him a complete glow-up. Those nominated, who range in age, sexual orientation and relationship status, receive help in fashion, food, grooming, interior design and culture. This series provides wonderful commentary on equality and self-worth—OMG, can you believe? “[Queer Eye] is entertaining and makes you think about more than just making over how you are on the outside. They talk about real world issues,” Temple junior Kylie Scheidlmeier said. Pro-tip: grab some tissues and a pint of ice scream for episodes one and four.

27. My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, with David Letterman

This next series needs no introduction… wait, yes it does. David Letterman left talk show retirement to give us intimate and informative interviews of legendary people from all over the world. From Barack Obama to Jay-Z to Malala Yousafzai, you’ll hang onto every word for 50 minutes. Seriously. Rather than all of the episodes released at once, Letterman makes us wait each month for each interview—quite the change from our usual binging.

28. Planet Earth II

You probably fell head-over-heels for the Earth after finishing Planet Earth. If you haven’t seen it, you should probably get on it. Following the critically acclaimed first season, this series shows us various ecosystems from across the globe with pure cinematic gold. You can watch a sloth from Panama swim to find a mate or an iguana race tons of snakes to safety. While on the edge of your seat during each impactful episode, you’ll also see the importance and beauty of the planet we live on. After experiencing deserts, grasslands, jungles and much more, consider yourself one of Earth’s #1 fans.

The Ones with Twists

29. The Keepers

Netflix never disappoints with its docuseries. The Keepers dives into the murder of Cathy Cesnik, a nun and high school teacher, in 1969. One problem, though? No one knows who killed her. Her disappearance and murder resurfaced in the ‘90s after one of her former students accused the school’s chaplain of sexual abuse. The producers and director interview friends, family, journalists and others who can help them piece together what happened to Cesnik. If you like both documentaries and murder mysteries, definitely watch this series. Don’t forget to keep the light on after watching. “I think it’s an incredibly well directed and produced true crime documentary. It also shows two incredible older women working together to solve something that the police and government have no interest in. It also asks a lot of questions about faith, guilty and memory,” Marymount Manhattan College junior Craig Long said.

30. Mindhunter

Wow, another Netflix Original all about murder and serial killers. What a positive turn we’ve taken, huh? This show follows two FBI agents who profile convicted killers to understand their psyche and motivations. Hopefully, by learning more about them, they can prevent serial killings. Funnily enough, the main character, Holden Ford, is played by the actor who voiced Sven in Frozen. Trust me, this series doesn’t exude happiness and rainbows like Disney. “Mindhunter has a really unique plot. It’s essentially about coining the term ‘serial killer’. It’s one of those binge-worthy shows where once you start you won’t be able to stop,” Temple sophomore Jackie Oberdorf said, “I really like the show because it’s really well written and the acting is great.” Hold onto your seat as you dive into the world of evil, crazy character development and tons of twists and turns.

31. Ozark

Want a show with the ultimate amount of twists? Jason Bateman in Ozark plays Marty, a self-employed financial advisor with nice family. One problem, though… Marty and a business partner laundered money for a Mexican drug cartel. After relocating to another state to avoid any problems, Marty and his family find themselves reaping the consequences. As they run from the cartel to get entangled with community crimes, you’ll try to find time to do anything but watch this show. If you can learn anything from this series, it’s that you should just be happy with your day job.

*Updated June 6, 2016, with updated information and media.
**Updated on April 11, 2018 to include list items 22–31 by Francesca Furey

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