10 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Mate

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All romantic notions say there is one person on this whole planet you are meant to end up with. Well, I’m not disputing that argument, but what if that person just so happens to be your best friend? You know, the one person who doesn’t judge you for dipping the French fry in the ice cream, and who might even do it with you (it’s delicious, I promise).

1. You share the same guilty pleasures.


Some say similar interests define a relationship. I say tasteless interests define a relationship. Whether it’s a 2 a.m. McDonalds run because you need a McFlurry at that very moment or watching The Bachelor with the same focus usually reserved for analyzing a crime scene… your best friend should be right by your side. No one wants to take part in those fun pastimes alone and a true friend will be there in the time it takes to say Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

2. You’ve seen each other naked.


Okay, don’t get weird on me. True friends have no personal boundaries with each other, which includes undressing. It’s not uncomfortable changing in front of each other because I mean, you’re basically family anyway. Right?

3. Mi closet es su closet.


This I will file under the “perks” folder of having a BFF who is also your size. Good friends take sharing clothes to the next level. If you imagine your friend’s wardrobe and yours when you’re figuring out what to wear… yup, that’s true love.

4. You have spontaneous dance sessions.


The friendship of Grey’s Meredith and Cristina made this one famous. Having your best friend around means any situation could be a party… the mall, a restaurant or just driving down the street. Every embarrassing move you make she tries to match and vice versa.

5. You cry in front of her.


Sometimes life is unfair. Your boss yells at you. Your parents just don’t get it. That class you swore would be awesome is dragging down your GPA. When you’re convinced the world is turning against you, your best friend is there even if you’re bawling like a baby (because you will, it happens). She can always make everything better just by being around.

6. You have the same ‘ships.


This one is a major deal breaker. TV shows matter and as far as you’re concerned the relationships are as real as any relationship you’ve been in. If you ship Chair and your bestie ships Dair, how can she be trusted?! If you think Katniss should have ended up with Gale, so should she (even though you’d both be wrong). And when it comes to reality television… game over. Anyone who doesn’t love Lauren Conrad is only being kicked one place…. to the curb.

7. You don’t have the same taste in men.


Friendships are already complicated without adding in the extra drama of boys. No one — and I mean no one — wants to feel like they’re competing with a friend for a guy. But if you two have different tastes, then that is never a problem. It’s never awkward and toes are never stepped (or trampled) on. You can feel free to talk to that pretty boy while she chats it up with Mr. Manbun. And plus, she makes a great wingwoman.

8. You call each other’s parents by their first name (to each other).


This one’s fun, especially when your mom is getting on your last nerve and you need someone to vent to. You’ve obviously met each other’s parents and they seem like extended family at this point anyway. And I mean we’re all adults here, just try not to let it slip out when you are actually talking to her mom face-to-face.

9. You are in constant communication.


And I mean constant. And in like seven forms of communication too. You send each other the ugliest snapchats known to mankind (which you screenshot, of course). You text each other, probably in an individual and a group text, you post links on her Facebook wall that make you think of her (aww, puppies cuddling). And of course you tweet her even though she is most likely three feet away from you.

 10. You share the same delusions.


It is understood that calories consumed after 10 p.m. while snuggling on the couch don’t count. She doesn’t ask about those 10 texts you sent to your ex last weekend because they didn’t happen. She will watch Titanic with you for the millionth time because maybe Rose will let Jack on that stupid wooden board this time. And of course, “Mirrors” isn’t her ringtone because she knows Justin is your husband, sorry Jessica.

Paulina is a Junior at Temple University studying Journalism and Sociology. She loves anything from pop culture to inspirational quotes and hopes to one day call The Big Apple home.

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