15 Things My Parents Said That Helped in College

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If my parents ever figure out how to get on “the Facebook” and read this, let it serve as a formal apology. I’m sorry for rolling my eyes and groaning every time you decide to drop some knowledge on my undeserving self. Parents tend to repeat themselves over and over again, but it isn’t until college that you find out that everything they’ve said is truer than you ever imagined. Like they say, mother knows best.

1. This too shall pass

Because everything that happens to you when away from home is equivalent to the Earth exploding.

2. The truth will always come out

Little white lies just don’t cut it anymore. You messed up, you own up.

3. Always make sure you can support yourself

Stop wondering how your future spouse is doing on finals and make sure you have a plan for yourself.

4. Motrin is a cure-all

Your entire body hurts? Take two Motrin. Heartache? Couldn’t hurt.

5. If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

You really don’t need that piercing to fit in with these people.

6. These are the best four years of your life

Stop wasting them watching Netflix.

7. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

You’ll get screwed over more than a few times.

8. Why don’t you give him another chance? I would never have married your father if I didn’t

Stop being so judgmental; this isn’t high school.

9. …”Not that there’s anything wrong with that”

Applies to absolutely everything from failing a test to being confused about your sexual orientation. You do you, I’m sure you’ll figure it out in time.

10. Why are you getting all dressed up?

Nobody is looking. Be confident in whatever you wear.

11. Don’t sweat the small stuff

It was just one test, just one boy, just one mistake.

12. Nothing good ever happens after midnight

Yes, that includes your second dinner of greasy pizza.

13. You don’t need that

On what planet is it acceptable to pay that much money for a shirt?

14. Clean your room

You’re a real person now and it’s gross.

15. You’ll understand when you’re older

Ugh. So condescending but so true.


So what’s the worst part? You’ll find yourself saying the exact same things in a few years.

Paige Levin is a sophomore studying journalism and political science at the University of Florida. When she’s not re-watching her box set of FRIENDS, you can probably find her talking about Panera mac and cheese (or just food in general). Currently, her interests (or obsessions) lie in everything and anything pop culture, Netflix binge watching, photography, going to concerts, and all of her unfortunately pathetic South Florida sports teams.

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