26 Gifts College Magazine Wants This Holiday Season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…except when it comes to stressing out over the best gifts. You don’t want to look like a try-hard, but you also don’t want to appear lazy AF (save that for your “I’m so done” outfits during finals week). Short of asking what people want, you’re out of options. Or are you? After all, who says you can’t straight up consult a wish list?

Read on to find out what the College Magazine team would love for the holidays this year.

1. Donations and more

“I’d love a donation to CAMFED, any home decor/journals from Anthropologie and an O’Neill 2MM Sport Cap Neoprene Hood for surfing in cold weather.” – Amanda Nachman, Publisher 

2. A Nice Wool Coat

“I’m moving to colder weather soon, so I’m looking for good quality wool coats. I need a coat that’ll look nice with any outfit or even pair with a fancy dress for a night out.” – Celina Pelaez, Editorial Director 

3. A Charging Case

“The ultimate gift would be my first #adult job, but since receiving that for the holidays would be strange, I’d love a charging case. I spend (waste) way too much time on Tumblr and Instagram, and it would be nice to not need to carry my charger everywhere I go.” – Valerie Siu, Editor in Chief

4. Lava Lamp

“I’ve wanted a lava lamp in my room ever since I got my own apartment because, first, my room severely lacks interior design cohesion and any sort of color scheme so I like to have pieces with a lot of different colors to tie the randomess together. I also am a huge baby who is scared of the dark and like that this is almost like an adult nightlight that I can turn on after my friends make me watch shows like Stranger Things.” – Marin McCall, Editor in Chief

5. Body Lotion for Insomniacs

“I heard that Lush has this new body lotion that helps you fall asleep, which would be such a lifesaver!!! I’m a super light sleeper and generally have trouble falling asleep at night, so I’d use this almost every night. I’d also consider this the Holy Grail during finals week too.” – Mariya Khan, Editor

6. Earrings

“This year I want a pair of tassel earrings because I feel like they pull together any outfit.” – Phoebe Bain, Editor

7. Luggage That Won’t Fall Apart

“The more I travel back and forth to school, the more I realize how essential good quality luggage is. I would honestly love to receive a nice duffel bag this holiday season. Not only would it last me through the next few years of school, but it would definitely be something worth investing beyond that.” – Allison Ingrum, Editor

8. A Fancy Mixer


“This is so hard because I’m the quintessential ‘no you tell /me/ what /you/ want for Christmas’ kind of girl. But I think if I wanted to get anything it would be a standing mixer – I love to bake, but hand mixers drive me crazy sometimes, especially when you have to beat the ingredients for a long time. (Don’t even get me started on meringue.) So I’d love a standing mixer because even though it’s expensive it’s Christmas, when else are you going to ask for something that expensive?” – Becky Arens, Editor

9. A New Wallet..and then some

“I would really love a nice, cute but grown-up wallet, since now that I’m a “real adult person” who has an internship and goes to conferences, I probably shouldn’t be using a wristlet or change purse all the time. All the wallets that I have are either really old or extremely juvenile, and I’d like something a little more sleek and sophisticated that I can feel comfortable pulling out when grabbing coffee with colleagues or going out on a date with someone (if that day ever comes… The real gift I’d love would be a boyfriend but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon).” – Lily Coltoff, Editor

10. Joggers

“I want a pair of joggers because they seem like the perfect combination of comfy and cute to wear to class!” – Louise Nessralla, Social Media Manager

11. New Laptop

“This year, I want new laptop because my old laptop, isn’t good as it used to be. It’s time to get a new one. Ideally, I want a MacBook and it can be an old generation. I don’t need the new generation that’s coming out, but a MacBook will be a awesome gift my family can give me and I can use it at school which is even more better.” – Tanjeen Twinkle, Staff Writer

12.  A New Camera

“This year I want the Sony a5000 Camera so I can finally start a youtube channel as an extension to my blog!” – Joy Cato, Staff Writer

13. Makeup

“I really want new and professional make-up such as Kylie Cosmetics or anything from Sephora just because the quality is better and I need makeup that lasts longer.” – Rodaris Richardson, Staff Writer

14. A Speaker

“I would love a beats speaker this year because having a speaker in college makes every dorm room much more lively and exciting. I have a small speaker currently, but it barely fills my room with sound, so this more powerful speaker will fulfill all my music listening needs.” – Amelia Lytle, Staff Writer

15. An English Major’s Dream Journal

“The more I get into my Creative Writing major, the more I’ve been doing personal writing on my own. This journal is thick so it will last me awhile, and it has a rustic feel that will make me feel like Jane Austen writing the next great American novel! A bonus is that it would fit in my bag so I can take it wherever I want.” – Macey Spensley, Staff Writer

16. A Cozy Blanket

“I’d honestly really love a super soft and warm blanket to take an amazing nap in after finals are over. This one looks so snuggly and comfy. Philly winters are rough so this would be amazing when the snow hits.” – Laura Smythe, Staff Writer

17. A Exciting Novel

“My friend got me hooked on this book series that I started reading on my Nook, but then I bought a physical copy of the third one. I’d probably want the first two books in physical copy as well, so I’d have a complete set. Not to mention, it’s an amazing series, so I’m definitely going to be re-reading them!” – Jessica Sullivan, Staff Writer

18. New Boots

“I’m one of those people who always wants A LOT of stuff/gifts when it’s not the holidays… and then I forget what they were when it comes to this time of year. That makes it really hard for me to know what I want, sadly. But, one of the things I know I really want (even if it’s not a top gift or my number one choice) is the Leonore fur-lined boots by Doc Marten. I love this brand — I have three pairs already — and really want a Chelsea style boot that also keeps my feet warm for the winter! I love the brown/black rustic look because it goes with everything.” – Francesca Furey, Staff Writer

19. A Snazzy Tapestry

“As I get older I realize that Christmas is more about family and not materialistic things. There isn’t much that I would like for Christmas, but if I had to choose I would love to get an elephant tapestry. I’m in the process of redoing my space and I love elephants.”  – Unique Ratcliff, Staff Writer

20. A Chic Cardigan

“I would like a new black cardigan sweater because the one I have now is beloved but very worn out with holes, buttons missing and it’s stretched. Black is a staple in my wardrobe, and I love oversized sweaters and such so a new one would be nice!” – Morgan Robertson, Staff Writer

21. Comfy and Durable Shoes

“I’ve been dying to get some new shoes, especially some that provide a lot of cushion that are good for walking around campus. For some reason, I can never get myself to spend the money on a nice new pair of shoes, although I have no problem buying other clothes I don’t know even need. Receiving some nice versatile shoes would be the best gift I could receive this Christmas, so I don’t have to worry about finding some myself!” – Devon Ledbetter, Staff Writer

22. Running Shoes

“I’ve been dying for a new pair of adidas running shoes since fitness is such a big part of my life.” – Amanda Treible, Staff Writer

23. Leggings

“I would love a good pair of athletic leggings. I always try to work out and avoid the freshman 15 and maybe with a cute pair of pants to where while I sweat I would have more motivation.” – Emily Wiegand, Staff Writer

24. Headphones

“Is it sad that when my parents asked what I wanted for Christmas, I sent them all the textbooks I needed for next semester? Probably a boring answer though…Honestly just need some Beats earbuds because the Apple ones don’t stay in my ear and the ones I keep buying at the store KEEP BREAKING and/or have awful sound quality. I ride the subway everyday so headphones are a MUST.” – Faith Gates, Staff Writer

25. New Vans

“I’m a pretty simple guy. Not much for flashy things, but on the other hand, I like to be styling. I’ve already got a few pairs of vans, but am in desperate need of the classic checkered slip on vans. Timelessly stylin’.” – Nathan Burnside, Staff Writer 

26. Bluetooth Headphones

“I’m asking for a pair of bluetooth headphones because my current ones are always breaking, and they would be great for running!” – Lily Holmes, Staff Writer

Valerie is a senior at the University of Washington, studying English/Creative Writing and History. She loves anything caffeinated, Netflix and long road trips. She'll always be obsessed with Once Upon a Time, Scandal, Private Practice and Agents of Shield.

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