10 Gifts for English Majors to Thank Them for All the Proofreading Help

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English majors’ wit keeps you laughing, their knowledge knows no bounds and their wisdom flows in endless streams. Every once in a while, you might just feel so inclined as to show them your thanks for their wonderfulness with a token of your appreciation. CM has a list of gifts that any English major would love you forever for.

These 10 gifts for english majors might even make them happier than a fully-stocked library.

1. Keyboard

Many English majors tend to have a love-hate relationship with writing. It serves as a great form of expression, but writer’s block has stumped far too many people. Often, something as simple as a fancy keyboard engages the writer enough to inspire endless flows of prose. “I feel connected to history while using it,” Florida International University senior Kristy Bello said. For a more economical option, try a mechanical keyboard—the same feel with a modern look.

Typewriter: $154.95 Price: $39.99

2. Book Collection

A bookworm always appreciates great new reads. And an English major will appreciate a set of literary classics to further adorn their stuffed bookshelf. For a collection of short classics to read at any time, try Penguin’s Little Black Box Classics Set.

Price: $72.74

3. Fountain Pen

Take a step back from your carpal tunnel and make your writing feel elegant and smooth. With more inks to choose from than you could possibly imagine—and the ability to combine them and make unique colors—you’ll never get tired. “There’s something satisfying about seeing your writing done in your own ink color,” FIU senior Richard Rahman said. Start with a Pilot Metropolitan, a pen both affordable enough for students and elegant enough for recent graduates.

Price: $11.47

4. Literary-Themed Pillow

Unfortunately, randomly strewn bookmarks and mugs and annotated books don’t count as decor. Help your English major spice up their home décor with a literary pillow. Featuring the covers of such classics as The Great Gatsby, Jane Eyre or Peter Rabbit, these will bring life to any home. Tell your favorite old sport to lay their head down for a bit between chapters.

Price: $32.99

5. Funko POP! Figurine

These little figurines bring a pop (pun very much intended) of life into any room. Funko offers characters from movies, TV and real life. Some of their most popular include Harry Potter and Star Trek, but they also cater to some more niche interests like Joss Whedon’s Firefly or real-life figures like Elton John and Prince Harry. “They’re cute, they’re collectible and they add a nice decoration to your bookshelf,” recent FIU graduate Debbie Hernandez said. Start off your book lover’s collection with everyone’s favorite neighbor, Mr. Rogers.

Price: $10.99

6. Notebooks

Writers always need a place to jot down their latest ideas—besides coffee shop napkins. And in an English major’s mind, you can never have too many notebooks. Rhodia stocks their pads with high-quality paper with dot, grid, line or blank paper styles. This makes them the perfect place to jot down poem ideas, sketch some doodles or draft your first novel.

Price: $13.95

7. Wax Seal Set

Plenty of books, from fantasy to historical, mention rulers delivering wax-sealed stamps with personal crests pressed in from a signet ring. While signet rings may have gone out of style, the desire for such fancy embellishments most certainly has not. Find a seal that matches your favorite English major’s style and expect a fancy thank you note in the mail.

Price: $14.99

8. Personalized Mousepad

Considering the amount of time English majors spend procrastinating—er, um, working—at a computer, some personalized accessories go a long way for making that experience comfortable. “My students who I TAed for got me a mousepad with my name on it. Getting something practical, and useful, to that specific person is nice,” FIU alumna Erica Amaya said. You can also customize the mousepad with an image, making this a perfect way to remind your friend of that embarrassing selfie you have of them.

Price: $10.99

9. Litograph Wall Art

Bring a pop of color into any room with Litographs. These posters feature lines of text carefully arranged and colored to form an image indicative of the book, poem or movie written in them. Featuring title such as The Princess Bride, Alice in Wonderland or Name of the Wind, anyone can find one to fit their tastes.

Price: $14.70

10. Grammar T-Shirt

Every English major will tell you: you can have my Oxford comma when you pry it from my cold, dead and lifeless hands. Let them show their Team Oxford Comma pride with a T-shirt that says it. This gift keeps on giving—this shirt will remind all your other friends not to make grammatical mistakes in the presence of the all-knowing English major.

Price: $16.99

Gabriel is working towards his MA in Linguistics at Florida International University. He has a passion for reading, technology, and AI (which won't take over the world, btw).

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