10 Things Rutgers Students Do Best

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Rutgers University is the notorious party school of New Jersey. With some of the most successful sports teams and three campuses spread across the state, Rutgers undoubtedly dominates college life in the Garden State. You can find most students covered from head to toe in red at the football games, that is if they can catch a bus, and far from the library on weekends at all costs.

There is no question about it…Rutgers kids know how to party. These students have so much fun that practically every other college student in NJ can’t wait to leave their school and come crash at Rutgers for the weekend. It’s the university all New Jersey kids said they would never go to, but in the end are so happy they did (even if it means seeing everyone you hated from high school.)

Here are some of the things Rutgers students do best:


1.) Show school spirit by drinking at football games.”

-Rachel Ebert, Senior

2. )“Wait for buses to get to class…  and they never come.”

-Melissa Leone, Senior

3. ) “We live on one campus and get assigned parking in another.”

-Anna Davidson, Senior

4.) “Miss the housing lottery for the apartments every single year.”

-Joshua Hanson, Senior

5.)  “Spending more time on Frat Row than we do in class.”

-Dave Miklos, Senior

6.) “We party so hard that Rutgersfest gets shut down forever.. RIP Rutgersfest”

-Jessica Millanalo, Senior

7.) “Eat at grease trucks more than the dining halls.”

-Alex O’Reagan, Senior

8.) “Get harassed by New Brunswick townies.”

Amy Gianelli, Junior

9.) “Forget that the Newark and Camden campuses exist.”

-Lauren Mitchell, Senior

10.) “Complain how awful the school is, and then complain about wanting to go back after graduating.”

-Jessica Jones, Alumni

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