10 Halloween Costumes for Your Inner Journalist

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Journalism majors are an entire subgroup of people that run exclusively on coffee and the hope that one day soon that stubborn source will return their call. They get a high from writing a catchy headline and a breaking story. If you’re a journalism major, take advantage of your unique perspective on life and make this Halloween journalism-themed.

1. Your Favorite Newscaster

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up as your heroes. Some people might go as Batman or Spiderman, but as a journalist you’d prefer to be Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters or Anderson Cooper. Take the opportunity to dress up as your favorite media personality. It’s a fun way to channel your inner Stephen Colbert and be the talk of any party where journalists are present.

2. Watchdog Journalism

An important element of any news publication, watchdog journalism follows important public events closely and captures as much on-the-scene information as possible. For those journalism/wordplay nerds out there, watchdog journalism is an easy and quick costume for a Halloween party. Find a pair of dog ears at a Halloween store or make your own with a headband and some fabric scraps. Paint your nose and whip out your reporter’s notebook—you’re good to go.

3. Puff Piece

What’s a newspaper without an occasional puff piece? While serious journalism is always the highlight of any news source, puff pieces keep things light and make the news easier to swallow. Sometimes, they’re even your favorite part of a newspaper—so why not go out as one? Get tons cotton balls and glue them onto a dress or shirt, and soon you’ll go from writing puff pieces to being one.

4. Anchorman

Chances are, you’ve seen and quoted this famous 2004 Will Ferrell flick. Show up to any party as San Diego’s most beloved anchor, Ron Burgundy, and you’re sure to get a laugh—even if you’re not a journalism major. If you’d like to go out as a group, consider going as the entire Channel 4 news team—Ron, Champ, Brick, Veronica and Brian.

5. Breaking news

It’s quick, easy and punny (a journalist’s favorite things). You spend so much time writing up breaking news stories, why not become one for Halloween? Grab a big piece of cardboard and write down some funny news headlines, then cut it right down the middle and wear it when you go out. Some may roll their eyes at your wordplay, but it’ll give true journalists a giggle.

6. Black and White and “Read” All Over

The age old joke: “What’s black and white and ‘read’ all over?” Turn this famous question into your next Halloween costume. Dress entirely in black and white, and paint any exposed skin red with costume makeup. If you don’t want to paint your skin, try to integrate red into your costume some other way.

7. Scoop

Another simple wordplay-based costume for journalism enthusiasts—while you get the scoop, dress like the scoop, too. Buy some cheap, plastic ice cream scoops at the dollar store and pin them to your shirt. Be sure to bring along your tape recorder and reporter’s notebook.

8. The Newsroom Crew

Grab some friends and get ready to dress up as the staff of the Atlantis Cable News Channel seen in the HBO show, The Newsroom. Whether you go as Will, Maggie or Jim, if you and your friends are fans of the show, you’ll have a blast.

9. Slug

In the newspaper editing business, a slug is an article that is currently in the works. If you work for your college paper, pick some slugs that you’ve seen on your wire sheet, or pick some popular slugs used in professional journalism jobs, like OBAMA, SCOTUS and SLAY. Print them out and pin them to your green outfit, while donning homemade antennae on your head, just like a real slug.

10. Lois Lane

Lois Lane—Superman’s love interest, and, more importantly, the award-winning journalist. She truly is one kick-ass character. Consider turning the ultimate dynamic duo into a couple’s costume. Throw on a business casual outfit and brush up on your Associated Press style guide while your honey gets to rock the blue tights.

Caroline is a junior at Pennsylvania State University studying Media Studies and Sociology. She enjoys summer trips to Maine, binge-watching The Golden Girls, and time spent with her goldfish, Senator Ted Cruz.

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