10 Gifts Your Boyfriend Actually Wants

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Guys have it easy. When it comes to buying their girlfriends gifts, a quick trip to the jewelry store is an answer to all their problems. Or, for the guys who aren’t rolling in dough (or who have already pulled that trick one too many times)…

CM makes it easy with 10 Gifts Your Girlfriend Actually Wants.

Girls have to put a lot more thought into a gift for their boyfriends then they do for her. His eyes won’t glaze over for something shiny unless you’re wearing sparkly lingerie. So what’s a girl to do when she’s deciding what to buy her beau for Christmas or Hanukkah or all those other gift-giving holidays?Well ladies, you’re in luck.

College Magazine polled college guys to see what your man actually wants this holiday season.

Pro tip: Put it in a manly stocking.
best christmas stocking for your boyfriend

Tactical Christmas Stocking: $5.99

1. Chouyatou Men’s Vintage Leather Jacket 

What other sexy item would your boyfriend wear in the upcoming bitter winds than a jacket? “A sexy leather jacket,” John Jay College senior Mike Altamura said. Not only will this show just how hot and bad ass your boyfriend is, just think how cozy you’ll be when he drapes it over your shoulders.

Price: $59.01 

2. Calvin Klein Eternity For Men

Cologne is always a nice gift cause it shows that you care. It’s basically saying, “I can’t possibly be too close to you.” Just think about the chills he’ll get when your nose lingers near his neck.  Also, make sure you buy him a scent you love. Say goodbye to the scent of middle school (aka overwhelming AXE *gag*) and hello to college sophistication.

Price: $79

3. Call of Duty

Have you found yourself a guy not ready to step into the mature world of cologne? Then a video game is perfect for him. But have you really payed any attention to what he’s playing? Saint Joseph University senior suggests getting Call of Duty Black Ops 2 or one of the Fifas. Not only will this make his day, but it will give you the perfect chance for some space. Want to have a girls’ night? Just remind him that he’s so close to that next level up, and you can say goodbye to clingly texts.

Price: $48.97

4. Custom Hoodie

Maybe your guy thinks leathers too constricting. That’s okay because everyone loves sweatshirts and hoodies. Get one with his favorite team logo or player and you’ll be set. Bonus points if it’s that really soft and fuzzy on the inside because you know you’ll steal it when the winter months come around.

Price: $19.79

5. Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain

Looking for gift both of you can enjoy together? “Tickets to a comedy show with a comedian like Kevin Hart,” Boston College senior Kevin Chapin recommended. Not only will the two of you laugh the night away, you won’t have to plan a big anniversary date. The gift is the date. You get double the fun with half the work. You”ll even continue your relationship with even more inside jokes to share.

Price: $12.99

6. Personalized Tan Hide Flask

You wouldn’t think, but an engraved flask is a really thoughtful gift that your boyfriend will enjoy. Alcohol and thoughtfulness? Pretty uncommon pairs,  but an engraved flask is a gift that your boyfriend will enjoy. He’ll know you really care about him from the individualized engraving, and he’ll be able to get his drink on at the same time. Perfect for those BYOB parties and date functions you always get invited to.

Price: $11.25

7. Ted DVD

Tired of binge watching bae’s adult cartoon shows that were made for middle schoolers? We have the solution. “TED the movie,” Loyola University Maryland senior PJ Fregeau said. And nothing beats staying home during the winter holidays with Chinese takeout while having a good laugh. Pro-tip: pick up Ted 2 for a movie marathon.

Price: $5

8. Guy Gourmet Cookbook

They say the way to a man’s heart is food, so why not make him his favorite meal for a romantic date over Christmas break? This is the perfect chance to make your favorite recipe or show him how you pay attention to what he orders at your favorite restaurant. You can both save some money and bond over chopping carrots. The real question is whether or not you let him bustle around next to the warm oven alongside you or surprise him when he walks in the door with the aroma of an already prepared meal.

Price: $14.49

9. Sports Ticket Album

Guys love sports. Even if you’ve managed to find one who doesn’t have his Saturday permanently scheduled with football, he’s probably just waiting until baseball, ice hockey or basketball starts season starts. Give him the chance to watch his favorite team and be ready to either celebrate or commiserate with him over the outcome. Beware if you find a game that pits the two of you against one another.

Price: $12.95

10. Southwest Airlines Gift Card

If you’re willing to splurge, a weekend getaway or short trip is a great gift and experience for the two of you to share. You learn more about each other on a trip outside the city than during weekends at his sh-tty college apartment. True love is seeing each others’ bed head at breakfast.

Price: Varies

When in doubt, give your boyfriend’s dorm the gift of style.

Tribal Wolf Tapestry

a black and white tribal wolf tapestry gifts for college guys

Tapestries are the perfect statement piece for you man’s place. If you hate the crinkly, shiny eyesore that is his 10-year-old basic hot model poster, try a tapestry to spice things up. It’s perfect for the artsy guy.

Dino Night Duvet Cover

duvet gifts for college guys

You know you’ll be spending plenty of time in his room, so you might as well help him make it aesthetically pleasing. A blanket with his favorite animal or a poster with his favorite band shows you’ve been listening, you care, but also isn’t that commitment-y.

A Sexy Tee

dinosaur tee gifts for college guys

The holidays are coming up and you really haven’t been dating your boyfriend for that long. Cologne seems serious, dorm décor too intimate and tickets can get price-y. But you can’t go wrong with a snazzy t-shirt. This is the perfect way to hint that a casual date doesn’t need to involve a free school t-shirt. Fitted, soft and tailored to his tastes these shirts show even a guy in a tee can be arm candy.

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Still looking for a gift for the picky man in your life? Check out these 11 great gifts for college guys.

Written by Macey Spensley.

11. Watch

Transform your boyfriend from teenager to man with a timepiece that matches his maturing attitude. Nothing says sophisticated like checking the time on your wrist instead of your phone. It will also help him tackle adulthood with a good head on his shoulders. After all, he will need to look professional when he interviews for that coveted internship.

Price: $125

12. A Puzzle of a Picture of You Two

Does your boyfriend love solving puzzles? Instead of getting a puzzle with dolphins or cars, reach for a more heartfelt gift. Putting your picture on it through websites like Shutterfly makes the personal gift even more special. “I made a collage of us in puzzle form,” said Betty Straub, a junior at Creighton University. “We put it together with each other and it was so much fun.” Say hello to the ultimate date-night activity, paired with a bottle of wine.

13. Memorabilia From His Favorite Video Game

Sometimes guys’ obsessions with video games can seem a little hard to understand. But if your boyfriend loves them, you can’t pass up an opportunity to hand him something related to it. Buying your man something related to his favorite game, like Overwatch, will show him how much you care. “Even if she hates video games,” said University of Iowa junior Wyatt Dlouhy, “it’s nice to see her go out of her way to learn about something she doesn’t care much about.” Your thoughtfulness will mean so much more than a video game session.

Price: $9.91

14. A Nice Backpack

“I really like practical gifts,” said Jacob Mayer, a junior at the University of Iowa. “My girlfriend got me a really nice backpack and I use it every day.” Buy him a bag with pockets and storage and he will be able to haul whatever he needs. Maybe he’ll finally stop asking you to hold his stuff in your purse.

Price: $49.99

15. Sports Apparel

Make him the coolest dude in campus. “Guys like sports and they like wearing sports stuff, so it’s perfect,” said University of Iowa junior Madison Offenburger. Whether it’s your college mascot or his favorite professional team, your guy will surely sport his gift all day, everyday. Get yourself something to match to make it even cuter. Now that’s what I call #couplegoals.

Price: $24.90

16. See, Smell, Touch Present

Go for something unique. Iowa State University senior Haley Ballou once got her boyfriend a few of his favorite things to please his senses, like his favorite cologne and a restaurant giftcard. “He loved it,” said Ballou. “It was super fun because I wrapped them individually. You can make him guess them with his senses, too.” Consider getting him a candle and letting him guess the scent, or a fuzzy blanket and letting him guess what type of warm item he’s feeling. It’ll turn your typical date night into a fun guessing game.

Price: $14.99

17. Personalized Bracelet

Sometimes the simplest gifts are as the most meaningful. Engrave it with your anniversary or the lyric from your guy’s favorite song. It’s not too flashy of a bracelet, so your modest man won’t be afraid to wear to class or when hanging out with the guys. You can’t go wrong with some manly jewelry.

18. A Deck of Cards

A simple deck of cards turns into a special gift when you add personalized notes on each card. Take a sharpie to each card with a favorite memory from your relationship or a reason why you love him. This gift may seem boring to some, but your man will love it once you add your personal touch. He’ll treasure it for years to come.

Price: $6.36

19. To-go Coffee Mug

Everyone needs a morning pick-me-up. When your guy is walking to his 8 a.m. class in the freezing cold, he will appreciate the gesture, along with the coffee, tea or hot cocoa he’ll bring along with him. Go for a sleek looking cup for the simple man or one monogramed with a funny quote about coffee making him poop for the goofy guy.

Price: $20.99

20. Hat and Scarf Set

Even the most masculine of men get cold. Your man needs a cozy hat and gloves set for that 8 a.m. class, too, especially if he goes to school in the Midwest or New England. A fuzzy set will keep him toasty while looking sleek and stylish. He’ll be singing your praises all winter long.

Price: $12.99

21. What Do You Meme? Party Game

Move over, Cards Against Humanity – What Do You Meme? is the new favorite party game. Your man can entertain his friends at parties or giggle with you late at night in his dorm room. Be prepared for gut-wrenching laughter from all of the greatest memes in Internet history, such as Pepe the Frog and The Man Talking on the Phone While Looking Irritated. Besides, who doesn’t love a good meme?

Price: $29.99


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