A Typical Friday Night at Syracuse University

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If you haven’t heard, Syracuse is ranked one of the top party schools in the nation. Be it snow or sleet, these students know how to get their way around a snow storm. We interviewed SU students on how they spent their Friday night. Clearly, the cold never bothered them anyway.

1.”On a typical Friday night at SU, me and my friends usually have a party or two to go to, so we start pre-gaming at 9 or so and see where the night takes us,” said SU junior, Dan Connolly.

2. “On a snowy night in ‘Cuse, we usually just stay inside, watch movies and split a bottle of wine,” said SU junior, Lexie Strahl.

3. “Last Friday night, I was in South Carolina with the [basketball] team for our game against Clemson,” said SU basketball manager and junior, Mike Decandido.

4. “Last Friday night, a few of my friends and I went to Destiny USA and went to the bowling alley, Revolutions,” said SU junior, Emmanuel Rivera.

5. “On a typical Friday night at SU, I’ll either watch a movie with friends or hang out. Sometimes I’ll do homework, but that is because I am one of the most boring people on the planet,” said SU junior, Jake Reynolds.

6. “Some Friday nights I either go to the bars, Chucks and Faegans, a frat party or hang out with my friends watch a movie and have wine,” said SU senior Brooke Landstein.

7. “Last Friday night, my friends and I threw an Ugly Sweater Party. We made snowflakes for the ceiling a week in advance to match the cold and snowy weather outside,” said SU junior, Juliana Riordan.

Whether they spend their weekends out partying, braving the cold, or with movie marathons, these students know how to make the best out of a snowy situation.

Brianna is currently a junior at Syracuse University studying English but with an interest in sports journalism. This sporty Jersey girl works at the student run TV station, CitrusTV, and enjoys watching the Yankees and NY Giants, obsessing over all things Disney related and reading John Green. WARNING: if she has Starbucks in her hand, you will not be able to get a word in with this talkative chick.

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