10 SBU Fitness Classes That Teach You How To Get Bikini Ready

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Anyone who’s been to the Stony Brook University Rec Center has probably peeked inside one of the two wellness studios at the end of the hall to notice students donning their best workout gear, sweating to death and smiling through the pain. Whether you have to squeeze an SBU fitness class between your packed class schedule or can dedicate an entire afternoon to a sweat sesh, these 10 SBU fitness classes teach you how to get bikini ready.

1. Zumba Toning with Lisa Perez

Get ready to tone your arms and legs while you dance the hour away. Instructor Lisa Perez combines the dance fitness aspect of Zumba with lightweight dumbbells for a session that works your entire body while you groove to rhythmic Latin tunes. Some songs use the dumbbells while others don’t. Lisa always suggests when to use a light set of weights, so no one hurts themselves, and when to push yourself to get that full workout. Lisa’s springy steps and smiles in between fast-paced dance moves means she wants students to enjoy the class as much as she does. Warning: You will wake up sore the next morning.

2. Zumba with Osama Khalil

Unlike Zumba Toning, this class doesn’t incorporate dumbbells into the movements. But the music is bumpin’ all 90 minutes of this SBU fitness class. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a quick water break in the midst of sweating and jamming out, and re-join the class when you’re ready. “Most songs were really fast and it was easy to follow the beats,” sophomore Jack Yu said. Don’t get too cocky, though.Your body might cry but it’ll be bikini ready.

3. R.I.P.P.E.D. with Ashley Snider

Each letter in R.I.P.P.E.D. stands for a component of the workout—Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance and Diet. R.I.P.P.E.D. will leave you sweating like that time you talked shit about a person who turned out to be three feet away. Ashley switches up the intervals, so you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than get bored in this class.

4. Mindfulness Meditation with Susan Byrne

You won’t exactly leave this class feeling the burn, but you can still learn how to get bikini ready by learning how to focus on individual tasks. You can also learn how to focus better in order to boost your academic performance. “It’s just 30 minutes just to calm down and just not focus on all the stress and everything going on,” sophomore Katie Nealon said. “I can’t see any results right now because it just started, but I do feel more relaxed.” You wont become one with your stressful schedule overnight, but youll feel more relaxed the next time you binge-watch Game of Thrones.

5. POUND with Brittney Scannell

If you want to rock the rec center, POUND will make you stand out among student athletes grunting in the weight room and future runway models on the treadmill. Participants use lightweight drumsticks to jam to movements guided by Brittney. You’re constantly creating drumming movements with the sticks, and you alternate between standing, squatting and sitting when performing them. You might struggle to keep up at times, but you’ll have fun if you just dance to the beat of your own outdated, university-owned boombox.

6. Pink Gloves Boxing with Dominique Popescu

No woman will leave this class feeling weak and helpless. Dominique shows women they can kick ass just as much as men. The certified trainers like Dominique teach a variety of punches and combos through drills and workouts. Everyone begins at Tier I, the beginner level, and punches their way through Tier IV, a more advanced level. Boys can’t infiltrate this girls only clubhouse. So say goodbye to testosterone for this semester-long sesh, and hello to your bikini ready bod.

7. Cycle Fit

If you’re not much of an outdoor bike-rider, bring the fun of pedaling indoors. Stationary bikes take you through flat lands, up (quite literally) breathtaking hills and around surprising bends while the room fills with upbeat music to keep your legs moving and your body sweating. “It’s not something to just jump into without working out or being used to that much work,” Nealon said. “I was tired and sore, and it felt good after it was over, but it makes me want to work out and get to the point that I can take that class without feeling like I’m dying.” If youve been trying to get your ass looking good for your jeans, this class will give you that booty pump that you need to get bikini ready.

8. Pilates Barre with Rebecca Monastero

Do you wish Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training all get done in one class? Congratulations, your workout dreams have been answered with this SBU fitness class. Strengthen your body through movements for the arms, legs and core. Rebecca explains the movements before and during exercise, so you won’t feel lost. “It’s so different for those of us who don’t have a dance or yoga background,” Zerfana Khan said. “I’m definitely going next week.” Youll own the dance floor (or at least your aunts living room) at the next family gathering.

9. Yoga with Dominique Popescu

Anyone who has ever told you that yoga is “easy” probably wasn’t doing it right (if at all). While movements in this SBU fitness class tend to be a bit slower than those in Zumba or R.I.P.P.E.D., learning how to get bikini ready takes time. Your arms might feel sore, but your muscles feel stretched and ready embrace the world. Yoga is probably one of the few times during which you’ll actually feel like you’re college life has some “ohm.”

10. Butts & Guts with Veronica Tuazon

Veronica helps you work exactly what the title suggests: your ass and your core. Feeling the burn at the end of this session confirms your leggings will have curves to hug and your beer gut won’t show. The don’t feel dumb using the dumbbells during the fast-paced routines of this SBU fitness class. Like your college classes, start off light on the then gradually deal with heavier ones. You’ll be bikini ready for spring break in no time. 

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