It’s Not Always Sunny at Penn State…

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It’s Not Always Sunny at Penn State University

Despite all the upsides to attending PSU, like every diamond it has its flaws. “Going to Penn State is a wonderful experience, and what makes it such a fantastic school is the fierce passion of all 90,000 of us. But with 90,000 students in total, it does make you feel lost at times,” Onusic said. And often, its massive size comes with a ton of social pressure. “When I was at University Park, it was like you had to drink to fit in,” senior Katie Essel said.


It’s Called Happy Valley for a Reason!

But no matter the lifestyle you lead or the frenemies you make, one thing Penn Staters can agree on is that they love going to school there. “I loved my Penn State experience the whole time, from the classes to facilities. The school went above and beyond to make sure I got to my senior year. And I will forever be grateful because deep down I know most schools wouldn't do the things they did to help me,” senior Raenisha Williams said. “I felt truly home and happy.”


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Daniel Kuhn is a senior studying journalism at Penn State University. A great companion. Just don't feed him after midnight.

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