The 10 Best YouTube Channels to Get You Through College

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Sometimes as a college students it feels like you live, eat and breathe deadlines, essays and due dates. All you poor, tired souls—yes, I’m talking to you—deserve a break. A big one. Put down the textbook, grab a delicious snack and queue up some videos. I guarantee you’ll find a YouTuber on one of these best YouTube channels that speaks to your exhausted, student soul.

Check out the 10 best Youtube channels for college students.

1. RemLife

Tests got you down? Beauty and DIY YouTuber Remi Cruz will automatically bring a smile to your face. Her colorful creations and personality can lift even the most beleaguered student’s spirit. Many students like Samantha Brito, alumni of San Diego State University, turn to YouTube for a much needed break which helps “get your mind off school or an assignment.” Her vlogging channel, RemLife, features fun weight loss videos, a mix of healthy meal ideas and decadent dessert recipes and travel vlogs to Hawaii that will inspire you to book your trip right now. If you’re looking for productive ways to procrastinate, or just need a pick-me-up, Remi might just be the girl you need.

2. Christine Sydelko

Even if you haven’t heard of Christine, chances are you’ve quoted her at some point anyway. She famously coined the terms “shooketh” and “Merry Chrysler,” and might just be one of the most hilarious vloggers on YouTube. The up-and-coming comedian posts ridiculously funny vlogs, whether she’s ranting in her car while eating Taco Bell or recording adventures with her best friends. Holiday Jones, UCSD student and subscriber, said that Christine’s rants on having friends in college are so hilariously true. “Her rant on college hit home because I only have like four friends I’ve kept.” Thinking of subscribing? There’s no question. Do it.

3. Edyn Jacks

Are you new to veganism or just interested in creating healthier meals? Edyn’s got you covered. Her popular series called “What a Fat Vegan Eats in a Day” will make you laugh and educate you at the same time. Check her out if you’ve just gotten interested in eating a healthier diet or want to learn more about the Body Positive Movement. You may come for the information, but you’ll stay because let’s be real, she’s adorable.

4. Blndsundollformj

Trisha Paytas might be one of the most controversial creators on YouTube, but no one can ever stop watching—for one reason. One word: iconic. When she’s not filming mukbangs on her kitchen floor, she creates her own music videos or makes risqué videos on sex and female masturbation. Alyssa Summers said, “She’s just being herself and she’s not afraid to do it.” Not everyone may agree with her content, but it will definitely make you, laugh, cry and wonder why you’ve never thought about eating Domino’s pizza on the kitchen floor at 3 a.m.

5. Stephanie Buttermore

Dr. Stephanie Buttermore, Ph.D. might just be the Wonder Woman of YouTube. She inspires thousands of subscribers with awesome content regarding bodybuilding, workouts and meal plans—but with a scientific twist. Remember all those 10,000 calorie challenge videos, you might have seen on YouTube? She took that to a whole new level, by creating a science experiment out of that challenge. Even if science isn’t your jam, check out her videos if you want to get ripped because her drive and muscles are insane.

6. The Strive to Fit

Don’t drive yourself to stress eat pizza and wings at 1 a.m. because of tomorrow’s test. Check out the Strive to Fit channel to work up some proper motivation and benefit from some seriously useful study tips. “The Strive to Fit” is a video journey that medical student, Jamie, created for both undergraduate college students and fellow medical students alike. From gym outfits and quick, no-microwave-needed meal ideas to tips on how to survive medical school or prepare for any exam, Jamie makes her channel an excellent source for any aspiring doctor or student looking to survive their upcoming exams.

7. DoddleVloggle

One of the many hidden gems of YouTube includes Dodie Clark, a part-time singer/song-writer and full-time dreamer. Her open discussions regarding her depression and anxiety are raw and beautifully crafted, providing much-needed, approachable videos on mental health. Watching Dodie feels like you’re chatting with an old, understanding friend. Whether you have depression, anxiety or just feel overwhelmed with life in general, you’ll find it calming to sit down and watch someone talk about the issues that have been plaguing you and just understand. Step back, relax and watch Dodie do what we all desperately strive to do—live our truth, no matter what that truth may be.

8. Cody Ko

You know that feeling you get when you find a really hilarious meme to show your friend? You’ll feel the same way when you discover Cody’s channel. Cody is a comedian whose quick wit will have you laughing from start to finish. His most popular video, “Instagram comedians,” will give you a heart attack from laughing so much. This video belongs to a series where Cody roasts sexist influencers who mock and exploit other women in their Instagram skits. When Cody isn’t fighting the patriarchy, he makes music with his comedic band, Tiny Meat Gang, which started as a hilarious joke but now makes pretty dope music. When your bio homework makes you want to cry, Cody will definitely make you laugh.

9. Jazmyne Drakeford

Sociology and political science majors rejoice: The YouTube gods gave us Jazmyne. She isn’t your typical beauty guru. She spends a lot of time discussing social issues affecting American society. Not many influencers on YouTube take on the role of a social activist, let alone with the thoughtfulness and insight she brings to the table. The social activist was raised in Oakland, California in a political and socially-conscious environment. This changed when she transferred to a Catholic School that celebrated Black History Month. Jazmyne said this transition was strange because she grew up being taught about black and African culture year round. Her new school only acknowledged amazing black men and women leaders, inventors and philosophers for a month. This lit a fire inside Jazmyne. Jazmyne said “Get it Together Black Men” is her most impactful and viewed video because it dives into how black women are continuously disrespected in society. She’s passionate, she’s fierce and she’s killing it.

10. Shameless Maya

So many channels offer room decoration inspiration or how to make your own DIY planner. Why not create an entire, professional indoor studio? Maya’s “Tech Tuesdays” teach you how to do things like build your own studio inside an one-bedroom apartment to take professional headshots. Maya also creates beauty and lifestyle videos that will give your whole life a glow-up. If you’re a college student suffering from the ultimate existential crisis—to stay in college or take a year off—Maya has so many amazing advice videos about her own college journey. Jazmine Bailey said, “My major is costing me $100k. And I’m about to take a year off after watching one of Maya’s videos. It was the push I needed to find myself.”

Liz studied Sociology at San Diego State University. She is passionate about reporting on social injustices, standing up for the underdog, and becoming a better feminist. When she’s not busy writing, she is binge-watching shows on Netflix or drinking copious amounts of green tea.

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