The 5 Types of Summer Flings You’ll Miss in the Fall

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In the spring, a cutie in pastel may show up with a bouquet of freshly bloomed wildflowers for you. In the winter, you and your love may bundle up in cozy sweaters by a romantic firelight. In the fall, your fling may be the perfect accessory for basic pumpkin patch Instagrams, besides PSLs that is. But in the summer, all the rules fly out your open car window. Summer flings heat up under the sun, quench your thirst like a piña colada and wash away with the tide once back to school shopping begins. Let these five summer loves leave footprints on your beach this summer.

Hometown Hottie

You doodled his name on your notebooks. You made excuses to pass by his locker before class. You didn’t have a chance in high school, but all the liquid courage available to you in college gave you the tools you need to fake the confidence needed to slide into his DMs. You and the hometown hottie definitely have a chance to hookup now that you both had a taste of life without cliques, high school drama and curfews. Whether you’ve known him since the first grade, went to high school together or casually stalked him at the local ice cream shop where he worked, college erased any preexisting dynamic between the two of you so you can start fresh. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make sweet 16 you proud.

Coworker Crush

Everyone claimed to have their first kiss at summer camp (no matter how dubious the details), so the circle of life dictates that your job as camp counselor equals getting some action behind closed cabin doors as well. If you aren’t bunking with your crush in the middle of the woods, you’re probably sweating it out behind a counter working in some retail hell. The real heat, though, comes from the chemistry between you and your cute coworker. Long hours working a summer job mean you and your coworkers need a release at the end of the day. Clock out and make out with the girl who complimented your standard issue uniform pants–not for your compliance with company uniform but for your perky behind.

Beach Babe

The “beach babe phenomenon” makes you thirst for the hot shirtless guy solely based on ass(ets) while completely disregarding any personality flaws. When the temperatures rise, the standards for dress code lowers, and you can scope out shirtless hunks or babes in barely-there bikinis and crop tops anywhere from the gym to the street. Who cares if you don’t know their last name. So what if the number of times they say “dude” in a day excels their IQ? At least you have someone whose Instagram pictures instantly activate drools from your jealous friends.

Convenient Cutie

For those from small towns, the dating pool shrinks dramatically when coming home for the summer. Being home for the summer may take changing your Tinder settings to max distance to find someone who hasn’t seen you grow up through the awkward braces and acne stage, or whom you always run into at the grocery store. Sometimes, when the thirst gets to too real, you may have to settle for the convenient cutie. You wouldn’t write home to the group chat about this summer love, but he’s only a short drive from your house, and he can sneak you into the community pool for free. Sometimes convenience wins over the single life when another night at home playing Yahtzee with the ‘rents is the only excitement on the horizon.

Lecture Hall Looker

You’ve seen him around campus before, but the lecture hall looker doesn’t really come into focus until the two of you coincidently sign up for the same summer class. You begin this romance over casual homework questions, progress into flirty study dates and then, in the final exam of your flirtation, ask him to make things more than academic. Taking classes during the warmer months can make summer a drag, but if you drag your cute classmate out of his desk and out with you, you can turn the summer around in no time.

Marin is a pizza snob from Chicago (deep dish only) who loves writing, baking, and wasting the day away watching videos of baby animals. She is a Journalism major at the University of Iowa and she hopes to be the editor of a magazine one day.

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