15 Nerd Gifts to Channel Your Inner Sheldon Cooper

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We all have that one friend that spends all their time in the library, so much so that you’ve almost called the police a few times worrying about their safety. They thrive on caffeine and her dedication to her classes inspires you in your own life. Their interests go way beyond a healthy knowledge of sci-fi and trivia. But you’re not going to get them another textbook for their birthday, so what’s the other option?

Check out these 15 nerd gifts Sheldon Cooper would approve of. 

1. Doctor’s Prescription Flask

Sometimes, vodka is the best medicine to cure your college woes. With an exam on the horizon and one night to go crazy, the doctor ordered alcohol as pain reliever. This geeky flask shows you’re not just a basic party girl.

Price: $24.99

2. Disney cups

Coffee and tea taste better when you drink it out of a cute mug. When you cram all night for your upcoming chem exam or you’ve caught the latest disease outbreak in the freshman dorm and need some tea to soothe your throat, Disney mugs will make it better. “My boyfriend got me stackable Disney mugs for Christmas. I’m a huge ‘disnerd’ and the mugs are adorable. I drink a lot of tea so they’re the perfect gift,” said University of Maryland sophomore Lauren Anikis. Be proud of your Disney obsession.

Price: $12.99

3. Harry Potter series with cover art

Sure, the average nerd owns the Harry Potter series. But do they have the special cover art version? “My grandma bought me a set of all seven Harry Potter books with the original United States cover art when I was a kid. I’ve read them so many times that two of them actually ripped in half because the spine was so worn, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them,” said UMD sophomore Sara Sopher. The nerd you love will keep this gift while muttering “It’s Wingardium LeviOsa, not LevioSA!” for life.


4. Mind over Matter Tank

Maybe you’ll actually workout if your class clothes can transition to the gym without a trip home. This “mind over matter” tank will take you right from your honors engineering classes to the weight room. The double meaning of the saying makes for the perfect transition from a difficult exam to a tough day in the gym. You can actually feel confident wearing this saying on a tank, unlike cheesy t-shirt sayings from Forever 21.

Price: $24.99

5. Game of Thrones rings

If your love burns stronger than Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s, you and your significant other might be worthy of wearing these nerdy rings. They read, “My Sun and Stars,” and “Moon of my Life.”. But be careful: You don’t want your partner to think you’re popping the question when you just want to get your nerd on.

Price: $19.95

6. Galaxy leggings

Wear the entire existence on your legs. The galaxy print is totally in and even your trendiest nerd will love to put these on. Go from classes to a rave and have your next existential crisis from just looking down at the entire universe on your lower half.

[easyazon_link identifier="B010TQY7A8" locale="US" tag="collemagaz-20"]7. Exploding Kittens Card Game

Board games scream nerd. Every geek loves a rowdy game night. This game will have every player yelling in frustration and excitement when an exploding kitten appears in the center. Three to six friends can play. Players fight to stay in the game as long as possible before running into that dastardly card. If you don’t have any cards to protect yourself from the cat bomb, you’re out. Watch out—your competitive friend will tear you apart in this game.

Price: $19.99

8. Light saber chopsticks

Your fried rice suddenly becomes an outer space battle with light saber chopsticks. Don’t mind the people staring while you act out an epic saga with your new gift. Only fellow nerds will understand. Eating Chinese food has never come close to matching the excitement of actually watching the Star Wars saga—until now.

Price: $13.87

9. Spock Ear Phone Case

Is Spock answering the phone or you? People won’t be able to tell with this creative iPhone case, which disguises your ear with a pointy one instead. This phone case surprises strangers and friends and makes for a great conversation starter. However, people might be confused when they first see a phone lying on a table in the library with a giant photo of an ear.

Price: $15.00

10. Bubble wrap calendar

For kids, a fresh package means lots of bubble wrap to stomp on. Or was that just me? Either way, a bubble wrap calendar makes living worthwhile, because each day you survive means another satisfying bubble pop. Not to mention, the calendar looks aesthetically pleasing in the dorm room of any nerd. Rather than using boring Google Calendar or a simple wall calendar, guests will have fun walking in and popping the bubble of the day on your wall.

Price: $18.00

11. The Mew Yorker Kitty Tee

Mew Yorker Kitty Tee

If you spend the day poring over the news, show you care about the state of the world through this T-shirt. This New Yorker t-shirt basically screams: “I read a sophisticated magazine.” But don’t worry: It shows you have a playful side too. Kitties and reading the news combines your smart side and your soft side.

Price: $24.99

12. Einstein Wallet

UMD Sophomore Jake Taub may be a super nerd, but the only (read: best) nerdy gift he owns is an Einstein wallet. Who better to trust with all your cash and cards than Einstein himself? The OG nerd is the perfect face to display on your wallet. “I got it from my dad and I like to have it as an expression of my personality, even if it’s not fashionable,” Taub said. Sometimes, you gotta sacrifice fashion to show people you know that E=MC^2.

Price: $7.75

13. Bulbasaur planters

Bulbasour doesn’t only exist in the Pokemon world. In real life, nerdy plant experts can replace  Bulbasaur’s plant hump with potted succulents. What better way to display your plants than a tribute to a favorite character from childhood? These nerdy figures can make any dorm room look unique.

Price: $14.88

14. Personalized Calendar

Photos of friends and family in your room can cheer you up no matter how stressful your day was. If you’re obsessed with your pet dog, go above and beyond and personalize a calendar with dog photos. “I have a personalized calendar with pictures of my dogs according to the theme of the month. Like, the winter months are snowy pictures, February is buzzy with a Valentines Day balloon,” said UMD sophomore Tilly Comblatt. Not only is doing a photoshoot with your dog hilarious, the calendar will make you laugh daily.


15. The Great Gatsby Duvet Cover

great gatsby quotes bed sheets

Your dorm room might not resemble the glitzy halls filled with chandelier and gold silverware that set the stage for Gatsby’s infamous 20’s parties, but you can at least dream about them under your Gatsby duvet cover. While some used SparkNotes for this classic high school read, others, like you, found the deeper meaning. Falling asleep never felt so easy before Gatsby tucked you in.

Price: $89.99

Kira Barrett is a sophomore at the University of Maryland- College Park studying Broadcast Journalism. Most likely, she has no idea where her keys are and has $0 dollars in her bank account, but that’s just because she likes to live life on the edge.

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