11 Reasons to Love UW-Madison

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There are SO many reasons to love being a student at UW-Madison. Many of our academic and athletic programs are nationally ranked, and there’s a sense of community that’s unrivaled anywhere else. With the start of football season, arguably UW’s most beloved sport, students are bursting with school spirit. So, I set out to find out why people here love the Dub.

1. “I love being a Badger because you work hard and you play hard. This is the 11th best public school in the country, so we’re challenged academically, but we still make time to go out with our friends and party.” – Katrina Radi, Junior

2. “I love being a badger because there’s always another UW student or alum wherever you go.” – Jenna York, Junior

3. “UW-Madison can be anyone’s home away from home. The people are family, and the opportunities here are endless.” –Nikki Marczak, Junior

4. “Being a part of something that has such a rich history is pretty amazing. If you think about the great people that have come out of UW athletics alone, it’s definitely an honor to be a part of the same program. I grew up watching the Badgers, and I’m so proud to be involved in a program that’s such a big part of the Wisconsin tradition.” – Mark Saari, Sophomore

5. “Despite there being smaller, more focused special interest groups for everyone on campus, Badgers collectively embrace their university and each other. That’s what makes us different.” – Cameron Rowe, Sophomore

6. “I love being a badger because I’ve been able to pursue anything I want here. UW might be a Midwestern school just outside of farm country, but I’m constantly inspired by how globally minded our campus can be.” – Meagan Doll, Senior

7. “I love the school spirit, I love the campus and the way it’s intertwined with the city, I like the academics and I like to party. What’s not to love?” – Jono Gottlieb, Sophomore

8. “I’m proud to be a Badger because…People like to drink here? On Weeknights?”– Emily Baer, Senior

9. “I’m proud to be a badger because our university is nationally ranked and sets you up to succeed. UW gives you so many opportunities to get involved in whatever you’re interested in. And it’s fun as hell!” – Maddie Zeratsky, Senior

10. “I love being a badger not only because of the amazing academic and sports programs, but also the uniqueness of the Wisconsin experience.” – Gabby Mattson, Senior

11. “This school is f–king sick” – Stanley Gorski, Senior

Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying journalism and environmental studies. Like the Lorax, I speak for the trees. Goals include owning a French Bulldog and living in Seattle.

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