10 Halloween Costumes to Make a Political Statement

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Jersey Shore, Miley Cyrus, the basic white girl and the election season: what do these four things have in common? They’ve all inspired outrageous, slightly offensive and (in some cases) slightly orange Halloween costumes. This election year is ripe with costume opportunities. Here are 10 costumes to consider this Halloween in honor of November 8.

1. Hillary Clinton

What to Wear: Any solid color pantsuit, red lipstick, highlighted blonde wig

This costume says more than, “I’m with her.” Your pantsuit and red lipstick combo says, “I am her.” Whether you rock the highlights in support or to mock, your HRC costume makes you look like the HBIC. Make sure to add in a couple of shimmies and oddly-placed references to “millennium culture.” YOLO, ROFL, iPhone 7, am I right? “I know of a girl that dressed up as Hillary Clinton but had prison bars in front of them because, presidential campaigns aside, Hillary should be in jail,” University of Iowa freshman Stephanie Liptak said.

2. Donald Trump

What to Wear: Red power tie, blue suit, the infamous hairpiece

“Obviously Donald Trump costumes will be popular, especially because a lot of SNL skits and social media memes go viral almost daily of people imitating the presidential candidates,” University of Iowa junior Sal Lee said. The hairpiece completes this costume, but to really channel Trump, spend your Halloween spewing all of the most ridiculous policies and statements you can think of. “I have the best plan. Really, just a spectacular plan. The best of plans. My plan is to make peanut butter and jelly illegal. For the inner cities.” If you want more treats than tricks this year, though, try to stay on the silly side of Trump and away from his more controversial points.

3. The fly that landed on Hillary’s face

What You Wear: All black, wings, circle sunglasses

This fly don’t care. This fly don’t give a sh-t. This fly also don’t give a f–k about any presidential election, and he has the guts to fly right in the face of American politics–literally. This costume makes the political statement that you challenge the candidates enough to get right up in their face. If only that fly were on the wall of a certain crooked candidate’s office.

4. Ken Bone

What to Wear: Red cable-knit sweater, white button-down and tie, khakis, glasses, mustache

With just one question, Bone earned a spot in everyone’s heart. He’s the non-seasonal Santa Claus–a jolly, kind-hearted man that has the potential to break up all the horror of this election and Halloween. To complete this costume, you must master his warm, genial smile.

5. The Wall

What to Wear: All gray

“If I were to be something political for Halloween I would get a group of friends and be the wall that Trump keeps talking about, and put some of his quotes about the wall on it,” Liptak said. Get a group of friends together and break out the groutfits for this controversial costume. The costume works best if you follow each other around the party in a straight line, so this might require a very tight squad to pull off. Although Trump wants this wall on the Mexican-American border, feel free to use this human wall to keep whoever you want out of wherever you want. Maybe secure the snack table from the guy who keeps stealing all the Twix.

6. Donald Trump’s campaign manager

What to Wear: Suit, cell phone glued to ear, literal blinders

Have you ever wished Donald Trump had a handler or maybe a personal zookeeper? This person (most likely) exists in the form of a very overworked campaign manager. Drink as much caffeine as possible before overdose, tease your hair and draw dark circles under your eyes to look like you haven’t slept from refreshing Trump’s Twitter all night. To fully sell it, shrug whenever someone asks you what, oh God what, Donald Trump will do next.

7. Hillary’s emails/Donald’s tax returns

What to Wear: White sheet with holes cut out for eyes

Since Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak doesn’t exist in real life, you’ll need to approximate the invisibility. Borrow cues from a ghost’s costume and everyone will get what you’re going for once you explain. Take this one step further by looming over the shoulder of a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

8. Melania Trump

What to Wear: A classy dress, black wig–Wait, that’s Michelle.

For an even clearer representation of this tongue-in-cheek costume, wear a nametag with Michelle crossed out and Melania underneath. Spend the night plagiarizing others’ quotes by just repeating everything they say. If you make this a couple costume with your own Donald, ignore his locker room talk.

9. Bernie Sanders

What to Wear: Oversized suit, a couple wisps of cotton balls erratically stuck to a bald cap

If you’re still feeling the Bern even after Hillary extinguished it, this costume will make your hair stand on end just like Bernie’s. He may not shine like his bald head, but this costume works as the millennium voters’ superman. New York accent optional but preferred.

10. Undecided voter

What to Wear: Dress like a tourist with ear plugs because you must not be from here, and you must not be listening

If you haven’t decided which side you’re on yet, someone should dress as the rock you live under and follow you around the party. For your own part, dress like you couldn’t possibly be from America and ask a lot of questions (that Hillary and Donald will not-so-skillfully avoid).

Marin is a pizza snob from Chicago (deep dish only) who loves writing, baking, and wasting the day away watching videos of baby animals. She is a Journalism major at the University of Iowa and she hopes to be the editor of a magazine one day.

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