What Not To Wear: Halloween Edition

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What’s worse than arriving at a party and discovering you have four identical twins?  You won’t be receiving any compliments in the originality department for your Halloween costume this year.

With a week before the big holiday, your easiest option may be to purchase a pre-packaged, polyester version of a character. But people definitely appreciate a bit of creativity when it comes to costumes.

Make sure to avoid these ten horribly clichéd costumes that are guaranteed to be at every party:


1.) The sexy referee and various other professions

Whistle! Ten minutes in the penalty box for a dull costume!

2.) Lingerie… anything

Won't you be cold in this? Or is practicality the least of your concerns?

3.) The “shacker” 

Natalie Portman can pull this off and still look classy. You probably can't.

4.) Risky Business

Do you really want to be associated with Tom Cruise? If so, go as Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder instead.

5.) School girls

Let's not be too hasty in calling this a bad idea…


1.) Guidos (Jersey Shore)

This is just embarrassing for everyone involved.

2.) Hugh Hefner

Dressing up as an old man will not get you laid.

3.) Mario and Luigi

Mamma mia! You two look like tools!

4.) Pirates

Thar your costume blows!

5.) Just throwing on a jersey

It's lazy, beyond boring, and you'll probably start more arguments than garner compliments.

Photo: nukeit1 at flickr.com

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