Turner Broadcast System Internship

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Turner Broadcasting System, Financial Analyst or Entertainment Finance Intern—Atlanta, GA

Ever watched CCN, TNT or Cartoon Network? Say thanks to Turner Broadcasting System, AKA TBS. Aside from being a conglomerate network of awesome TV shows, the company offers an authentic and distinct experience off the air. Turner offers over 96 internship positions ranging from Human Resources to Digital Research & Analytics. “Think of it as a professional alley-oop. Work with us and we’ll put you in the thick of things, side-by-side with the best in entertainment, news and sports,” their PR Team said. The upbeat environment leaves little to no leisure time while in the office. On a normal day, you can find interns buzzing in and out office departments like crazed worker bees.

What’s it actually like

This is not a drill. Students work in a highly professional atmosphere with real analysts, directors, writers and more. “It’s great to intern at Turner because you get to learn an abundance of material and get to apply some things you’ve learned throughout your academic career,” said Deneisha Cook, Financial Analyst Intern Summer 2017.

Cool stuff you get to do

No matter what department you work in, you actually contribute to the published content. Working for a business as a college student can be intimidating, but the hands-on experience allows interns to develop a level of confidence that will carry them throughout their experience. Turner provides daily activities for the interns that either strengthen their communication skills or develop their character. The activities are not limited to certain departments either. “I was able to watch a cooking demonstration, learn how to build an app, participate in kickball tournament, and a variety of other things that took place on campus,” said Cook. Turner offers opportunities that apply to interns personal interests.

What you’ll learn

Interns get a taste of a corporation on a day-to-day basis. Financial analysts interns gain hands on experience and contribute to the finance departments. These tasks are not limited to just running reports. Interns learn how to predict sales, create models, operate with google analytics and seek out expense codes. In a nutshell you’ll finally be able to put those finance courses to work.  “I had my own overhead department that was in charge of forecasting each month,” said Cook.

How to prepare for your application

Read over the job description and tailor your resume to the requirements. “The best way to prepare is to be honest and to be yourself,” said Cook. The Turner internship opportunities require real experience within the field that you are applying. In other words, you must understand your strengths and weaknesses before you apply. “The interview process is a little intense so you should know pretty much everything about the position you are applying for,” said Cook.

Skills that impress them

TBS is impressed by great analytic skills, detail-oriented, creative, communication skills and the ability to take lead.

Cool Perks

Interns have access to free stuff during the work day such as unlimited King Pops, a popular natural popsicle company, and free transportation to and from their campus.

The Deets

  • 36–40 hrs a week
  • Paid (expect to work 10 times harder)
  • Turner offers quarterly internships. To apply, stalk their website and social media pages for opening opportunities. Early bird gets the worm.

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