Top Seven Paid Seattle Internships for 2016

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Greetings, Seattleites. We’re here to deal with that fateful upperclassman dilemma: gaining that highly coveted experience.  You may just want it to put on your damn resume, or maybe to replace that minimum wage job—rent, spaghetti and tuition don’t buy themselves. It’s rough out there with the looming pressures of midterms, bills and the daunting future of being a real adult. Listen up as we present the top paid internships in Seattle for some of the top majors. Did we mentions that they’re all paid internships?

1. Graphic Design

Mmm… beer… mmm… graphic design. You can combine the two and get paid for it. Seriously, Mammoth Brewing Co. wants to put your design skills to good use in the production of event posters and marketing materials. Get pumped to work with digital design programs and to collaborate with a hip production team. Design for them and step into an awesome atmosphere of advertising and brews. Apply at Huskyjobs.

2. Marketing and Social Media

Put those sales skills to work at the commercial photo company, Rocky Shoots. Interns are called to rejuvenate the company’s presence on social media with a fresh eye and innovative marketing ideas. Your creativity and outreach skills will be used to advertise to many local businesses and your strategies will grow their repertoire. You’ll gain the hands-on experience of projecting fresh ideas onto a team, while using marketing skills to help the company. Send a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

3. Sports and Nutrition

From soccer, football to coaching and directing, we’ve got a sports internship that’ll keep you moving in your field of expertise. Lace up those boots because Lakeside School is looking for an athletic intern to direct their sports department. You’ll be promoting the programs on social media and doing write-ups for the activities and sporting events. The job will ask you to apply your understanding of health and sports to the program, as your innovative ideas strengthen each child’s athletic experience. Applications can be submitted here. 

4. English and Literature

For the love of books, why don’t you intern as a librarian? Spend your so-called work hours shelving and expressing your joy of literature as you help people around the library. Run community events and keep the library code of conduct up to its standards at the King Country libraries in Kent and Woodmont. Organization and management skills are the biggest areas of growth, but no doubt you’ll love spending the day surrounded by book lovers. Apply here. 

5. Computer Science/Informatics

IMAX movies, the butterfly exhibit and all of those waterworks tanks aside, the Pacific Science Center is one of the coolest places in Seattle. Why not intern there? The Science Center is looking for a techie to process and record revenue data, run daily batch reports, and work in tandem with other departments on system and revenue matters. You’ll be asked to run numbers while you gain experience with computer software and corporation data. Get ready to type up those Seattle statistics and apply here. 

6. Chemistry

Hey O-chem enthusiasts (I know you’re out there somewhere). If you’re ready to label devices for lab experiments and maintain laboratory notebooks, then HaloSource, Inc. has the right internship for you. At this clean water technology company, you’ll be working hands on in the testing labs. Applying your chemistry knowledge is a given, but you’ll be able to implement your education into studies and gain a feel for the lab life. Put those chemistry notes to good use and apply through Huskyjobs.

7. Pre Med/Public Health

Get your scrub-covered body in the door with this medical internship with CEPT America at Swedish Hospital in Edmonds. As a medical scribe, you’ll get a true taste of the clinical atmosphere while you work with physicians and patients. The precious script of test results and medical records are in your hands as you work your way to medical school. Sitting in on examinations and recording data will be the daily life as you ground your feet in the medical world. Apply here.

Haley is a senior Creative Writing major and French minor at the University of Washington. When she's not sipping wine and attempting her own great American novel, she's probably eating ice cream or persuading her friends to get ice cream with her. If her hypothetical books never reach the shelves, you'll find her in her fallback career as a gymnastics coach or bakery owner.

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