Top 10 Basic Gifts for that Special Basic Someone

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Between picking up Starbucks and Insta-Snapping every outfit for weather below 75 degrees, what’s a girl to do about something as trivial as Christmas shopping? Fear not of these trying times ahead; winter is coming and it’s fabulous as always. Next time you’re picking up Tiffany’s extra whip, half-caf, sugar-free caramel macchiato, grab her an item from this list. Hell, pick up something for yourself, too. Aren’t we all a little hashtag-basic during the holiday season?

10. A Chipotle Gift Card

“Chipotle is so bae,” you cry as you gleefully pay for the guac you already know is extra. What better surprise is there than not having to pay for guac at all? A gift card to Chipotle is the perfect present for your friend that always says the inevitable, “Ugh I f—king love Chipotle,” when lunch plans are being made. We f—king know you f—king love Chipotle Brittany, every sane human does.

9. Leggings

Quick, name one garment that can be worn with anything, at any time of year, for every occasion ever. Passing trend or not, these things are comfortable AF. And they have the added bonus of doubling as exercise gear. For those days you have Shakespeare Lit at four and Vinyasa yoga at five, who could be bothered to do something as simple as changing?

8. Anything with “Live, Laugh, Love” written on it

This is the OG Eat, Pray, Love. Or maybe it’s the rip-off; I don’t know the timeline these events occurred. Regardless, no dorm room is complete without a vinyl decal proclaiming you do, in fact, do these things on a daily basis. Otherwise how will people know you’re carefree, easygoing and, like, so chill? Also pairs well with a vintage string of Polaroid photos to show your undying love of soft grunge—and the 90s. You know, back when we were two? Ah, good times.

7. Polaroid Camera

Speak of the devil. We live in a fast-paced world of instant gratification. What’s more instantly gratifying than a slippery, grainy photo of your squad downing Mai Tais at some place called Shucks? With Polaroid cameras, we can all achieve that “fresh out of T-Swizzle’s 1989 World Tour” look, and boy is it a hot one. Snag one of these stylis h machines for the easy-breezy price of $99.99 for your holiday bae, a gift straight out of her wildest dreams. Bonus: she’ll be so happy she might just show you her own version of that red-lip classic thing that you like.

6. Monograms

This trend is a relic of medieval times. Back then the human race had to mark their territory for sheer survival purposes, lest something dastardly pillages their livestock. Monograms are the modern fashionista’s way of saying, “Yeah, I just really wanted something that was, like, unique you know?” Chevron anything is also a great addition, with endless possibilities at hand. Chevron comforter? Gucci. Chevron carpet? So fetch. And why stop at home décor? Nothing says, “Look out world, I’m a class-act,” like chevron toilet paper.

5. A Panera Gift Card

The carb train is here and dumping its load in a bread bowl of mac-and-cheese byproduct. This option is great for the girl or guy without the time to cook, and doesn’t mind blowing $14.95 on a You-Pick-Two. Or spread some healthy, holiday cheer by asking the cashier for the gluten-free menu. “Gluten-free? At Panera Bread?” Ignore the cashier’s incredulity, trust me, she’s joshing with you and totally isn’t talking sh-t about the whole encounter to her roommates later.

4. String Lights

Beat the post-festivities gloom by giving the gift that keeps on giving: ambiance. Because she’s the light of your life, or some other cliche, twinkle your way to the top of her heart with this cheap sentiment. Not only will her dorm glow with the warmth of a roaring fire hazard, it will also virtually eliminate late-night drunk-in-the-dark stumbles after one too many spiced eggnogs.

3. A monthly subscription to Cosmopolitan

Aptly dubbed “The Bible,” by Queen Elle Woods in the greatest cinematic achievement of all time. Cosmo is the all-purpose cleaner of magazines—and not because reading it makes you want to down a bottle of Drain-O. You can toss your dry psych textbook out the window; Cosmo oozes with insight into the minds of men and women. Also, this gift is perfect for your friend who’s just so gosh darn busy. “Abs in 10 minutes or less!” “Land your man with this one easy trick.” Exercise and dating are overrated anyways.

2. An iphone camera lens

Make your photos insta-tastic with any of these portable camera lenses when VSCO Cam just doesn’t cut it anymore. You’re a revolutionary after all, and that flower crown you made deserves ultimate exposure (photography puns, amiright?). Go forth and snap away you filtering fiend. Don’t forget to tell everyone you know about how you adjusted the levels in Lightroom. Who needs formal training? You used the Magic Wand Tool after all; you’re basically an Adobe expert.

1. Starbucks

AKA, the elixir of life. Sure the cool, subversive thing to do is go to Barney’s, but why bother? Starbucks is trustworthy. Starbucks knows your order like a good boyfriend knows your Netflix preferences (Babe, it’s Tuesday: Gossip Girl night, remember?). As much as I hate predictability, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this very clear choice for number one. Gift cards, travel mugs, coffee beans, stock in the company—anything is game. Ask yourself: Does it have that green, fish logo thing? If so, buy 10. No, 11. That way you and all your basic friends can have wonderful basic adventures together. Hashtag-twinning is hashtag-winning.






Rachel is a third-year production major at the University of Florida. She enjoys young adult adventure novels and hopes to one day publish her own. Other hobbies include Disney, OneRepublic and getting emotional over Harry Potter.

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