What Students Love About the University of Washington

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Remember when it was cool to hate everything? Sorry, hipsters but that’s in the past. Having spirit, especially when it comes to your school, is back in style -Finally. At the University of Washington the average attire includes anything and everything purple and gold with the UW logo. But what exactly do students love about UW?

1.“The Rainier Vista”

– Zach Burgess, Sophomore, Engineering

The Rainier Vista is the view of Mount Rainier from Red Square leading to Drumheller Fountain. The view has become one of UW’s iconic features and it’s enough to make you cry tears of joy over its beauty, or you know, just admire nature for a moment or two.

2.“The quad adequately creates a beautiful visualization of each of the four seasons throughout the year, mostly in the trees.”

– Rhea Panela, Sophomore, Journalism

Fun fact: The trees are also placed strategically to form a “W.”

3.“I love Coach Petersen.”

– Brandt Monson, Sophomore, Aero/Astro Engineering

Coach Petersen is the head football coach and is basically campus royalty.

4.“I love the wildlife around campus like the ducks, crows, squirrels and the seagulls are funny to watch. The raccoons are pretty cool too.”

– Diana Arriaza, Junior, Chemistry and Physics

It’s basically like a zoo around here. Except none of the animals will try to kill you.

5. “How scholarly most of our buildings look (Suzzallo, the Quad, Mary Gates, etc). I walk around and I feel like I’m really at a great college.”

– Alli Moore, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

The reading room in Suzzallo library is often referred to as “the Harry Potter room” for its resemblance to Hogwarts. How’s that for scholarly?

6. “Campus is absolutely beautiful. I feel the Pacific North West seasons and definitely see the changes all the time. So pretty.”

– Katy Johnson, Sophomore, Biology

It’s for this reason that UW was number five on Forbes’ 2014 list of ‘America’s Most Beautiful College Campuses.’

7. “The duck ramp in Drumheller.”

– Robert Landicho , Sophomore, Computer Science

Everyone loves the ducks in Drumheller Fountain and they have their own special ramp that gives them easy access to get from the water onto the land.

8. “The Ave.”

– Scott Coull, Sophomore, Undecided

The Ave is right off campus and consists of eight glorious blocks of global food eateries, thrift stores and the occasional guy walking his cat on a leash.

Elizabeth is a junior at University of Washington majoring in Journalism and Comparative Literature. She's always trying to be less sarcastic and always fails miserably. One time she met George Clooney and everything in the world made sense for those precious three seconds.

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