Semester Hook-Ups: Do You Dare?

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For most people, college is a place to try new things and meet new people. A fun way of doing this is through “hooking up.” Hook-up’s are always different and are a great way to experiment; Students shared some hook-ups to challenge yourself to this semester:

Three’s company?

Almost everyone wants to do it at least once: the coveted threesome. Two guys, one girl; two girls, one guy; three girls; three guys… the possibilities are endless.

“That’s really every bachelor's fantasy. Two girls and me? That's a no brainer. Now, me, a male friend of mine and a girl? Also yes. There'd be no male-male sexual interaction, but it’s still very high on the list,” said Daniel Fowlkes, University of Tampa sophomore.

Think outside of the… bedroom.

Hook up outside or have “sex in a public place,” suggested Joshua Bey, a student at the Universal Technology Institute. Getting out of the bedroom is a really good way to change things up and get an easy thrill.

“It's really fun to do something that spontaneous sometimes. The idea that you can get caught is also a little exhilarating,” said Kamilla Yamatova, Florida State University freshman. Fowlkes agreed: “Its a sense of adventure. [It’s] exotic and exciting. [You could do it] anywhere that you actually have some privacy but someone could, at any point, walk in on you.”

Having sex outside or in public doesn’t have to be cliché. Think outside of the box, like these students:

•   “Sex in the rain, on top of a car. Parks, fields or public buildings (as long as its relatively clean).” said Fowlkes.

•   “Join the mile high club, on the beach, in the pool/jacuzzi, under the [school’s] stadium, on an airplane and in the backseat of a car,” said Yamatova.

•   “The back of limousine, public bathroom, on top of work desk,” said Bey.

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

College has a very large age range of students, so why limit yourself? Get your cougar on or let the cougar get on you, seeing that everyone’s over 18. “As long as she's of legal age, age isn't much of a factor,” said Fowlkes. “It's really more about mental age than chronological.”


Role-playing is “a method of changing attitudes and behavior, in which participants act out designated roles relevant to real-life situations,” according to

“As long as I'm not put in too compromising of a situation, I'm all for it,” said Fowlkes. Bey agreed: “I think dressing up for your partner in a way that excites them is never a bad thing.”

Here are some of the student’s suggestions:

•   “Cops-robbers, nurse/doctor-patient, teacher-school girl,” said Fowlkes.

•   “Police officer-criminal, pizza deliverer-customer, cheerleader-jock, secretary-boss,” said Bey.

Don’t be afraid to try new things this semester. Let college be the time of your life.

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