Pick-Up Tips from… the Sorority Sister

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by Nicole Martin > Sophomore > Journalism & Sociology > Pennsylvania State University; Photo courtesy of Dabney Gordon
Have your eye on a hottie from Greek Row? In honor of spring recruitment, College Magazine sought the pick-up advice of fraternity brothers and sorority sisters.
The Sorority Girl
Dabney Gordon, Grove City College
Gamma Chi

CM: What is the main thing you look for in a potential partner?
DG: I need a guy who I can have fun with anytime, anywhere. I like a guy who I can be spontaneous with, and who can keep up with me. A great personality and a great body are also essential.

CM: What is your number one turn on when it comes to looks and/or hygiene?
DG: Muscles. Hands down.

CM: What is your number one turn-off conversation topic?
DG: Probably if a guy talked a lot about past experiences with other girls. Let’s not lose focus, buddy!

CM: What is your favorite pick-up line?
DG: Sorry, but you owe me a drink. [Why?] Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine. 

CM: Do you prefer to date in or outside Greek life, and why?
DG: Overall I prefer to date other Greeks. It’s not because I see other guys as inferior, but because it’s a huge part of my life, and most of the guys I hang out with are Greek. If I dated an independent, I would probably end up spending much less time with my friends in fraternities. Also, being the sweetheart of a fraternity, I don’t think they’d let me live it down if I didn’t date one of them or another Greek!

CM: Why do Sorority Girls make better girlfriends or lovers?
DG: I may be biased, but let’s get real; we know how to have a good time! Also, Sorority girls tend to be very involved in lots of different activities on and off campus, and this shows that we can have fun but also juggle spending time on other things we care about. I think Sorority Girls know how to always keep things fun and interesting– there’s definitely never a dull moment with my sorority, and I think that’s really important for any kind of relationship. 

CM: Is it better for guys to be bold or mysterious when trying to pick you up?
DG: Definitely mysterious, it’s much more fun that way!

CM: How do you let down someone you’re uninterested in?
DG: I’ve definitely had one of my friends pretend to be my boyfriend before. It’s just easier.

CM: If you hook up after a first date or after a party, do you lose respect for the person or still consider them a potential interest?
DG: It depends, I definitely would have to spend more time with them and find out if that’s something they do all the time or not. It would be hypocritical for me to immediately rule them out from that alone, because we all know it takes two to tango!

CM: What tells more about a person’s sexuality: How they dance, dress, or kiss?
DG: How they kiss, for sure. 

CM: All right, last question, how can a guy pick you up?
DG: Make sure they have charm, humor, and a fantastic body, or they should probably move on!

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College Magazine Staff

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