New Year’s Resolutions: Are You Going To Drop The Ball?

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We’ve entered the time of year where we look back into the past, and more importantly, forward into the upcoming New Year. It’s a time to scribble a list of things we want (or need) to change about ourselves before watching the ball drop with family and friends. While some take their lists seriously, others last a few weeks – but why? The motivation to buy new weight loss equipment or quit drinking is soon short lived. There is a common trend of failed resolutions, so let’s take an inside look to find out what they really mean and how you can beat the odds this New Year.

“People usually say they want to lose weight, find someone new or change an aspect of their external environment,” said Nisma Haq, a sophomore at Rutgers University, “but what they forget is that their internal attributes are what they need to focus on.

Haq said her New Year’s resolution is to simply accomplish every goal she begins.

Senior at Monmouth University, Trisha Weaver, found the same problem. “I think most people usually don't think over the long term and just the short term with resolutions so they don't last,” she said.

She plans to eliminate the fear of failure and take advantage of every opportunity that comes her way.

Similarly, Symiara Jenkins, a junior at Iona College knows exactly what she has to do and how: “To procrastinate less and actually put in one hour of studying for every class,” she said.

While many are optimistic about their forthcoming goals, Mohammad Babar, a sophomore at Rutgers University feels otherwise.

“New Year’s resolutions are a sign of laziness. A year is no different than a day, week, month, or second … just a way to measure time. If someone has something they wanna change about themselves then they should do it that very second. If they wanna postpone it for whatever reason just ‘cause it’s a New Year means they’re procrastinators and most likely not gonna adhere to their resolution,” he said. “Just saying ‘cause I was guilty of that.”

Whether you decide not to eat meat for an entire year or “become more fiscally responsible” like Rob Jiggetts, a senior at The College of New Jersey – just don’t drop the ball this New Year!

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