Minus Gravity: New Music, Videos and Advice

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I had the honor of talking to Minus Gravity during their break from New York Fashion Week performance chaos while sitting in an Ikea parking lot, almost home as I evacuated campus for Hurricane Florence. 

If you haven’t heard of Minus Gravity yet, check them out on Spotify right now.

Minus Gravity

Mallorie Clark

Mic Apollo, Sir Blaze and Rob Wil make up the R&B/hip-hop hybrid group. The trio hails from San Antonio, Texas but now resides in Los Angeles, California. The three vibe not only with their music but with each other in a way that caught the attention of artists such as Migos, Grammy award-winning producer Rich Skillz and Robin Thicke. “Robin Thicke has real, authentic energy,” Sir Blaze told me. “We’ve been around a lot of people in the industry but he really touched us and motivated us to keep doing what we were doing.”

The trio has been making music together for over 10 years and their hard work is paying off. They performed at the House of Blues in West Hollywood before it shut down. “I would have to say that was my favorite performance that I’ve ever done,” Rob Wil said. The group has traveled from LA to New York to Greece to Paris and beyond, performing all along the way.

The guys don’t feel like they’ve made it yet, though they’ve worked with Grammy winning producers, traveled the world and get paid to produce their music. They each have long bucket lists: Rob Wil wants to adopt a red panda (“Not as a pet, because that’s inhumane. Just adopt one where I could go see it and get pictures with it.”), while Sir Blaze wants to travel to Dubai to visit the Burj Khalifa. Mic Apollo hopes to get their nonprofit for kids to focus on the arts and character development. “I really want to do things that matter, touching people and trying to make a difference in the world.”

The group makes a genuine effort not only to help their fans but to connect with them, who they’ve deemed family, over Instagram. “The most crucial experience for me was just a fan who recognized us, who knew us, our first time over in London,” Sir Blaze said. “That was a crazy shocking experience to us, knowing how much we worked and where we’re headed. That let me know, we’re doing something, and motivated us to keep going.”

The Minus Gravity family has a lot to look forward to. “We have a lot to offer. New music, new visuals, new fashion, everything.” Mic Apollo said. “We can’t wait to feed our family, we can’t wait to give them everything.” Their luxurious “Options” music video dropped a few weeks ago and it acts as a prelude to their upcoming EP.

For my final question, I asked the guys what advice they had for college students, especially those who dream of making it in music. They each offered some advice worth taking to heart.

Sir Blaze: “Stay motivated. Never be satisfied. Once you put in that hard work, everything will come to you.”

Rob Wil: “Believe in yourself, as hard as that is. Life is not one hundred percent up hill.”

Mic Apollo: “Find what you have passion for in life first, what you love doing, then follow that up with action. Instead of doing something for people around you, do what you want to do. I don’t feel it really works out right if you end up doing things for other people for the wrong reasons.”

Check out their music video HERE.

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