A Lady’s Guide on Where to Mingle When You’re Single

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Whether you’re in need of a fling, a boyfriend or just a hook-up buddy, finding what you’re looking for is no walk in the park. Sure, it’s easy to meet the creepers or the “will take anything with a heartbeat” type of guys when you’re out, but it’s not as easy to meet guys you like and will be able to keep around. Luckily, College Magazine came up with a few places where you can mingle.

1. The Gym

He’s hard-working, committed and he has a hot body? Count us in! The easiest way to meet a guy at the gym is to ask him about his workout or his meal plan. Better yet, ask for tips to get the conversation going. Then, give him some of your own ideas. Guys love when a girl works out often, especially since we look so good doing it. The gym will have you two working out and then hanging out together in no time.

2. A Bookstore

Your best chance at finding a romantic guy is in a bookstore. Most readers are poetic and sensitive, so meeting a guy here will definitely lead to stimulating conversation. Once you spot a cute guy, smile and ask him about the book he’s looking for and the conversation can take off from there. Find a novel or author you are both passionate about, and you’ll form a bond within minutes.

3. Class

Although most of us dread going to class, especially at 8:30 a.m., we can look forward to seeing that babe who sits across the classroom (we know you gaze from afar). Since the two of you already share something in common—that dreaded morning class—you already have something to talk about. Sit next to the guy you’re interested in, ask a question about class and then exchange numbers in case you “miss any other assignments.” Then, make plans to study and the two of you may have more to do besides study.

4. Comedy Night

Guys with a sense of humor are incredibly attractive. Whether you pick someone who does stand-up or someone who hangs low in the audience, you’re bound to share a few laughs together. Make a silly but cute joke with a pick up line like, “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber,” or “Your dad must be a baker because you’ve got some nice buns!” Dating a guy who enjoys comedy this much will no doubt lead to many fun nights for the two of you. You might even get abs from all the laughs.

5. Bar

Bars are social place where you’re expected to mingle. There are quite a few obnoxious guys there as well, but you just have to pick out the diamonds from the duds. When you spot a cutie, go up to his group with your friends and ask to join them – it’s that simple. Take a shot before if you have to. Then, sit back and get to know him and by the end of the night, you’ll have met some interesting people and maybe even a cute guy of interest.

6. Art Walk

Looking for a creative type? You can be his French lady and he can paint you (wink wink). All jokes aside, artistic guys have always been hot. They’re so mysterious. It makes the chase all the more fun. You see a fine dude staring at a painting but maybe you don’t know much on it. Go up to him and ask him about it. While he tells you about it, smile and be present in the conversation so he knows you’re interested. Find your own meaning for the work of art. Then, paint the night with your poetic words and fancy him away so he can paint his “new muse.”

7. House Parties

House parties can be dangerous (Project X style), but you get to meet friends of friends and more often than not, this is your type of guy. You know he’s cool because your friends love him. Now, you’re in the perfect setting: a fun drinking environment where you can let loose and dance but still get to know each other. Just make sure that by the end of the night, you’re not the girl in the bathroom hugging the toilet instead of your guy of interest.

There are plenty of places to meet people but it all depends on you and what you’re looking for. Whether it’s emotional guys or humorous ones, there’s always a way to introduce yourself and get to know them. The trick is to find something in common to talk about. If not, at the very least, find something they’re passionate about and ask them to tell you about it. You’ll get yourself a date with a cutie in no time.

Melissa is a senior Telecommunications major at the University of Florida. She enjoys reading, writing and making music.

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