Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (G.L.A.D.) Internship

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Public Affairs and Education Intern, Boston

GLAD has had a hand in pretty much every big LGBT rights case for the last 30 years, and Public Affairs and Education interns are basically on the front line forging a public image for them. Yeah, you’ll be pretty important.

What it’s actually like

Well, honestly, it depends. Lame answer, I know. Based on your role in the department, you could be designing booklets about trans rights, working on Facebook and Instagram posts or anything in between. “Each intern in the Public Affairs department has a different specialization, such as graphic design, education, or outreach. I help out with both long-term projects such as designing, printing, and framing posters of news stories about GLAD for our office walls and also administrative tasks,” said Anna Everett, a Public Affairs and Education intern for Summer 2015.

Cool stuff you’ll get to do

You’re going to watch history take place firsthand “I was 10 feet away from Attorney General Healey as she spoke about her pride in Massachusetts for being first to legalize marriage equality and her pride personally as a gay woman,” Everett said.

What you’ll learn

Not only will you learn a ton about the intricacies of legal issues, but you’ll also figure out how modern companies are adapting to the tons, tons, tons of new media outlets out there. Talk about a resume builder. “There’s a lot more work behind Facebook posts than you might think; it takes strategizing and smart planning to use Facebook for your organization most effectively,” Everett said.

How to prepare for your application

Know your stuff. GLAD wants interns that know what’s going on in LGBT news; don’t get caught unprepared. “My own personal interest in LGBT online publications such as Buzzfeed LGBT and Autostraddle has been surprisingly helpful, even though I read them for pleasure and not necessarily as my primary sources of information about current events,” Everett said.

Skills that impress them

This is an office of passionate people, so you’re going to want to be able to speak up. Most of these people are attorneys, for Pete’s sake; they make a living by talking. “I haven’t been shy about asking questions and asking for projects and jobs to keep my day interesting and productive,” Everett said.

Cool perks

Isn’t it enough for you to be working for the civil rights of LGBT Americans? Well, the office is also located in the heart of Back Bay, just a 2 second walk from the Boston Common where you can find the hippest and most delicious food truck cuisine. It’s also a super casual workplace—you can wear jeans.

The deets

Interns can basically work anywhere from 16-40 hours a week at GLAD’s Boston office.

The position is unpaid, but you can get college credit while fighting for civil rights, which is pretty badass.

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