Food for the Frisky: Taste Can Help Your Libido

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Let’s talk diet. I am not talking about a diet for a beach body or some lingerie. I am talking about the food that encourages a couple’s work out…ya know what I mean? Here’s a food hit list to keep conscious of when you wanna hit it.

Vitamins: Now, bear with me, I know they were a pain to take as a kid, but in the name of Frisky behavior, I was all ears listening to Megan Khan Karen, recent graduate of Florida State University for Dietetics, and current graduate student at FSU for a Master of Science in Nutrition. Khan Karen outlined two important vitamins to look out for:

-The B-vitamins “The B vitamins (commonly sold in pill form as a “b-complex”) is particularly important in managing anything from stress to libido to hair, nail, and skin health,” explained Khan Karen. So, B-Vitamins equals upping the anti on healthy hair to pull and smooth skin to touch.

-Omega-3 or Omega 6. On to the Omegas… this one is particularly for the girls. According to Khan Karen,  “The essential fatty acids like omega 3s and omega 6s are the building blocks for certain female sex hormones and they are stored in our fat cells which enables us to actually hold onto the fat soluble vitamins (a,e,d, and k) so that we can in turn regulate our hormones and various systems in our bodies.” Laymen terms this boils down to “building blocks to female sex hormones”. Gotta start somewhere girls…

Chocolate: I wasn’t joking when I said this wasn’t a diet for the beach. As an after dinner treat, have a couple of bites of a Hersey bar and you’ll find that your body actually responds well to the right amount. Feel good endorphins and a whole concoction of chemicals that trigger relaxation come from a bit of sweetness. Ironic no? Boys take notes, being sweet relaxes us. No wonder why the M&Ms are getting so much action. Who would have thought?

Honey: Remember when we were taking about B-Vitamins? Well honey is chalk full of em.’ Use this to any dessert or breakfast, hell even make it your new jam for your toast. If you really want to multi-task, maybe have some fun with this food outside of the kitchen? if your gonna go that route, think about placing it in small arousal areas and for a dab and taste. Honey isn’t meant to be lathered in… Let me know how that goes.

Alcohol: I know what you’re thinking. Sometimes this can hurt performance, and it does, if you over do it. However, in moderation alcohol lowers inhibitions, and heightens sexual desire. So technically you CAN blame it on the alcohol. I feel the need to emphasize MODERATION here.

 Peppers: I should write a quip about “spicing things up” but I can’t bring myself there. In any case, spicy peppers or other spices that raise the heat are a more of immediate stimulant of arousal. When you bite into a hot pepper you might break a sweat, heartbeat heightens a bit and the blood really starts to flow. Heighted blood flow is a nice baseline for a heightened libido. In sum: invest in some red pepper flakes at least.


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