Color War, College Style

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 By Karly Moll > Sophomore > Journalism > University of Maryland > Photo by Britt Nemeth

This Week’s Party Theme: Color War
Get your face paint on because it’s color war time. If you’ve ever been to a high school pep rally or summer camp, the same competitive spirit must be brought to the table in order to make the most out of a color war themed social.

Get the Party Started:
Pair up with another group (a rival intramural sports team or Greek house) and pick your team’s color, ie. red and blue. Feel free to have a few different teams. To make things interesting, instead of pitting one entire organization against the other, intertwine them by splitting up according to last names: A to L could wear blue while M to Z would wear red. Now your color war party will help everyone meet new people, rather than partygoers staying within their own comfort zone.
Get the Goods:
Don’t freak out—this party is very cheap to plan. Here’s a list of some necessities:
1. Colored SOLO cups: The cups can be found in red, blue and florescent colors at most grocery stores. The different teams should have their designated cup color.
2. Beads, sunglasses and swag: Take a trip to Party City and/or Target – both stores have sections with $1 bins of accessories. The more your team dresses up or paints themselves in their color, the better. Tell your attendees to think face paint, colored socks, pants, shoes, sunglasses, hats or anything in between.
“The most memorable parties are the ones where everyone dresses crazy and people put themselves out there,” SUNY Buffalo sophomore Brandon Ross said.
Get Set Up:
The key to a good set-up is making designated areas to play different competitive games throughout the night. For example, one area could be designated for playing flip-cup, while another area could host music and dance competitions. Have a tug of war, over-under toss or mummy station (where one team has to mummy one of their teammates in toilet paper).
“I always did color war at camp and absolutely loved it,” said SUNY Binghamton junior Gabby Farrell, a member of Sigma Delta Tau. “I can’t imagine what a color war themed social would be like, but I am definitely going to suggest it to my sorority.”


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